Time Savers

Reporter: Graeme Butler

We live in a busy world, time seems to fly by - but you can claw some of it back if you know how. "It is quite possible to save yourself a number of hours a week" Janet Symes is a professional organiser she set up her own consultancy to help people manage their time better. She has simple tips for kick-starting your organisation skills and save you time. "I think the big problem with that time poor feeling, feeling like you're just rushed and overwhelmed with so many things to do and not enough time to do it in is because people underestimate how much time something's going to take to do"

Planning for time saving is a bit like opening a bank account, depositing a few minutes here and a few minutes there throughout the day. Everyone hates mundane jobs - but there's huge time savings to be made with things like ironing rather than iron single items as you need them - use time watching TV to do a pile. "So at the end of the half hour or hour the job's done, you're pleased about that, but you've actually enjoyed the time because you've enjoyed watching the show."

It's so simple but it really pays time dividends. Janet says the more you plan the more time you can save. "It is a few minutes here and a few minutes there on the different tasks but that all adds up if you've got food systems put in place and good organisation then you're actually using your time efficiently and effectively so that at the end of the day you can have extra time"

Janet says there's huge time savings in the kitchen and again it's all about planning. "I like to tell my clients to spend 10 - 15 minutes once a week planning their meals ready for the week. Spending that time sitting down making a list. With meals planned - make a shopping list and use it to plan how you'll shop. Janet how important is it to be organised in the supermarket when you're doing the shopping you going to save time here really - yeah well you can save time if you're organised before you go by pre-planning your meals making a list of the produce that you need for your weeks' worth of food meals that you're going to make you can just visit each section of the shopping centre once because you've got everything that you need on the list from that section and there's no need to back track.

Back tracking costs plenty of time throughout the day and not just in places like a supermarket we all run errands but how many of us really plan them out? "Doing one after another and planning it so once again you're not backtracking you go in an anti-clockwise direction if you like so that you're turning left all the way. "That's right plan your route anti-clockwise - it avoids getting caught trying to make right hand turns across traffic. Every time you're forced to stop and wait costs you time. On a smaller scale back at home running around the kitchen wastes time. Simple tips like peeling vegies over the bin rather than crossing to and fro scraping and wrapping and when you cook a meal think about freezing a portion - that simple act can save up to an hour down the track. "Making double amounts of casseroles or curries then you can eat that night and freeze the other half and on a night you've got home later than expected being held up at work or being held up with some problem with transport public transport you can just whip that out microwave it quickly defrost it while you have a shower and you've got a meal"

Janet says something as simple as making sure everything has a place will save you time and save a lot of stress. "A huge time waster some people have is great amounts of trouble looking for stuff they run late, they miss buses, they're late for work, they're late for school, they can't find what they're looking for stuff they run late, they miss buses, they're late for work, they're late school they can't' find what they're looking for "None of the time saving tips are hard- far from it, many border on the obvious but it's a matter of putting all of the systems in place and then making sure you keep them going. "It's important to spend 10 - 15 minutes a day maintaining your systems and that's throughout the house it doesn't take that long if you do it on a regular basis. You can save a number of hours a week then you've got that time to do whatever you want"

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