Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's been called the worlds smallest and smartest kitchen. Now the Thermomix isn't just slicing and dicing ingredients- it's shredding kilos.

After the birth of her two boys Janine Saffy weighed 111kgs, 30kgs heavier than her pre baby body.

Bianca Mazur is a dietician with Thermomix, she says people want to see what's going into their food and into their bodies. "You can control exactly whats going into your meals so youre goung back to basics you can control the fat and sugar content and make really healthy meals"

Within 10 months, Janine dropped the 30 kilos and she's still going, "brings things back to basics and lets you choose the ingrediants you want in your food and eliminate the things that you don't"

Janine says it's all about having more time for her boys and herself a 3-course meal she can whip up in under 25 minutes.

We took her up on the challenge, a soup, salmon and sorbet all in less than 25 mins.

That's an entree of Sweet Potato & Red Lentil Soup and for the main it's Steamed Salmon and Asparagus.

--all in 22 minutes.

Well Janine didn't make the mango icream in 60 seconds.. she made it in half that time. Janine says the Thermomix has allowed her to get creative in the kitchen and says its not a diet... it's a lifestyle. Not only has the change been lighter on her waistline.. it's been lighter on her wallet. "We've worked out as a family that we are saving $55 a week on our food bill having out thermomix so it is worth it well thats really. I'm healthier, im fitter i have got more energy for the boys and for the family its just great absoluetly great"

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