The biggest loser

Reporter:Laura Sparkes

Watching TV or sitting in front of the computer isn't usually considered the best way to lose weight.For Amy Waight, however, it was the perfect combination.

She'd ballooned to a staggering 190kgs however as Laura Sparkes reports, she turned it all around with some help from the TV.

"This was me giving myself a second chance at life. I hated myself, that feeling of self hatred I couldn't handle it, I didn't like it." says Amy.

"Was it a journey for you?" asks Laura

"It was a mission, my mission to save my life." replies Amy

Amy Waight's story is a victory for the human spirit. She had almost given up, addicted to fast food and tipping the scales at 188 kilos. She had lost hope and was at rock bottom.

"I pretty much had no friends because I actually thought I was too embarrassing to be seen with, I hid myself away from the world and cried myself to sleep at night the low points were pretty horrific." says Amy

"So you were seriously considering suicide?" asks Laura

"I actually didn't think I deserved to be alive, I'd tormented myself enough to actually believe I didn't deserve to be here yeah it was too embarrassing it wasn't worth being alive in this body." replies Amy.

Thankfully Amy instead embarked on a life-changing mission with the help of the biggest loser club online. Three and a half years on she's lost an incredible 93 kilos, half her body weight, going from 188 to 95 kilos.

"I actually expected to fail as I had done at every other attempt," admits Amy.

"So these are the pants?" Laura says looking at her old pants.

"These are the few things I had left in my wardrobe at my extreme," Amy admits.

"And you filled these entirely?"

"They were actually a little bit tight?

"So put them up against yourself wow"

"I actually fit into one side of them."

"And I'm in the other."

"So you've pretty much lost one of me."

"Yep more than one of you so yeah it's pretty extreme."

When you look at these what feelings do you have?

"There's a lot of remorse I actually feel quite sorry for the girl that had to wear these pants considering that she could barely buy clothing to fit so these are a bit of a reminder of what not to go back to."

"I enjoy this sort of food I enjoy these days.' says Amy preparing her food.

There's no secrets to Amy's weight loss just good old fashioned hard work. Following the biggest loser club's online program she lost up to a kilo each week and she gained confidence and support from the program's online forum.

"I don't believe in diets at all, this was a complete overhaul of my lifestyle which meant I had to learn how to eat, I had to learn how to move, I was huge I couldn't move." says Amy

"How hard has it been?" asks Laura.

"Walking in public was excruciating the first time I did that, it was terrible, my sister and I did that under the cover of darkness because I was so ashamed and then a car came along I didn't even make it to the end of the block I was in tears and I had to go home." says Amy.

"I exercise 5 or 6 days a week." continues Amy on the cross trainer.

Three years on it's a different story, she's exchanged her exercise bike in the backyard for the gym.

"It's a complete transition you've got to learn how to be this other person that you didn't realise you were but it's liberating," she says.

More than half of all adults are either overweight or obese yet of those that try and lose weight on fad diets or a quick hit weight loss program, up to two thirds drop out. Of the rest that actually finish the program, while they do lose weight within 1 to 2 years half of them put it back on again.

"I think a lot of people find that making drastic changes to their lifestyle and going on these big fad diets they just can't stick with it for long." says Jamie

Dietician Jamie Rose Fronzek applauds Amy for taking the slow path to excessive weight loss.

"There's no real quick fixes, I mean you can do it at a faster pace you can be more strict but I think at the end of the day the closer it is to how you're really supposed to eat in the real world you know with good nutrition and regular exercise, the more likely that you'll not only achieve your goal but also keep your weight off for life,' says Jamie.

And Amy is still setting goals she's trying to hit a century in weight loss and she only has 7kg to go

"I think I've pushed past so many of the demons that were holding me back, I just want it now to prove to myself if it's possible and I love who I am now, I'm healthy and I'm fit it's just going to cap it off to be able to say this is what I've done," she says.