Teeth Whitening

Reporter: Adene Cassidy

A-list celebrities on the red carpet, showing off very white teeth - surely, it can't all be good genes.

TV host Charlotte Dawson, says, "Working now with high definition television the smallest flaw in your appearance will get you really ratted out on social media".

Advertising executive Carly Osmond and businessman, Julian Parkes, also want to put their best face forward and have the ravages of long term smoking and coffee drinking removed from their smiles.

Charlotte, Carly and Julian are about to get the latest Zoom Now Whitening technique -- the fourth generation of this technology -- a one off treatment that can be done in a lunch break and promises to last for years. "It's a good 20 minutes or so faster and much less sensitivity", said dentist, Dr Mark Gadeley.

And this is good news for people who have had problems with teeth whitening in the past. Felecia Williams had her teeth bleached at a beauty parlour for just $300 -- but she paid the price. "My gums went whiter than my teeth and the skin just started peeling off", Felicia said.

Patients like Felecia, never know if they have sensitivity until they have a treatment done, prompting calls from dental associations around the country to better regulate an industry that is uncontrolled. "A lot of the products in the do-it-yourself market contain significant amounts of acid so you can get enamel damage when they are used at home in a tray or brushed onto teeth for a long period of time", said Head of the Queensland University School of Dentistry, Professor Lawrence Walsh.

Professor Walsh says there are too many do it yourself teeth whiteners and people should exercise extreme care about the chemicals they put in their mouths. "Tooth whitening is safe when it is done under controlled conditions in a dental practice. It is when you move tooth whitening outside the environment of a dental practice that you run into all sorts of safety issues", he said.

Dr Gadeley says Charlotte is about to have three procedures, each taking 15 minutes, so she'll will be in the chair for 45 minutes. When finished her teeth will supposedly be eight shades whiter -- or she could choose to stay for another 15 minutes to get her teeth 15 shades whiter.

Charlotte's had teeth whitening in the past and did suffer from sensitivity, though nothing serious. "There is no actual pain. You can feel it, it is sort of there", she said.

This time as promised, it was pain free, quick and the results were dramatic.

It's a result Zoom Now Director Valerie Demarco claims could only be bettered by porcelain veneers which could cost $20,000 or more. "You're looking at an average of $1,600 a tooth. When we smile we show 16 to 20 teeth so that's a lot of money", she said.

So did Carly and Julian get the same sort of sparkle from their 45 minutes in the chair? "I've never had teeth i can remember being so white. A great improvement for me", Julian said.

Carly was equally impressed with her result saying, "Wow".

And for Stefano Masiello the results were even more amazing because he suffers from a grey staining of his teeth caused by the antibiotic, tetracycline. It's a condition that has not previously been treatable, but after the treatment, they are now whiter than white.

As for Charlotte - that high definition TV no longer holds any fears.

For further information:

The new generation treatment of Zoom Now is available in Sydney and due to go to other states soon.

The Zoom Now clinic operates from Pitt Street Dental Centre at: www.pittstdentalcentre.com.au

Please call 1300 722 665 for more information.