Reporter: Helen Wellings

"By including these foods in your diet you can reduce the risk of getting cancer and coronary heart disease and by doing that you extend your quality of life." Superfoods. In terms of value per bite, this ELITE food group are chock full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

High in essential vitamins A, B, C, D and K and minerals - calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium. As well, they contain antioxodants and phytochemicals that help prevent cancer, heart disease, premature aging and degenerative diseases. Superfoods are so powerful, you need only one serve or a handful to get your recommended daily intake. The great thing about superfoods is you don't have to trek the Amazon rainforests or dive deep into the ocean to get them. They're here right under your nose at the supermarket at normal prices - natural yoghurt, wholegrain breads, broccoli, strawberries, sardines - they're all around you.

Labratories are now developing everyday foods that can boast these super properties. Now there's a SUPERFOOD loaf available on the market, called Bodhi Bread."After consumption you're left with a feeling of fullness. You're less inclined to eat as much at a subsequent meal."

For 12 months Jim Noonan of Bodhi's Bakehouse worked with Scientists to create a bread that contained 40% Lupin - a high protein low card superfood. Farmers have used Lupin in their stock feed to keep their animals feeling full. Its now helping bread lovers slim down. Dr Jonathan Hodgson headed A STUDY monitoring the bread and hunger levels. "The Lupin rich bread resulted in a significant reduction in hunger and in food intake." he says. Lynn Jones was on the trial. She's lost 3 kilograms thus far. "Definitely you could tell the appetite - not only the meal but afterwards."

The CSIRO have designed a Superfood cereal called Barley Max. We unveiled the product earlier this year. The CSIRO's Dr James Moody explains "We've created a new type of Barley or a better type of Barley which is called Barley Max, and were putting that into foods that can deliver twice the fibre, three times the resistance starch to where it needs to go down there - it tastes good too."

But the real super cereal is quinoa. Edible seeds from a grain-like crop discovered 6,000 years ago in the Andes. Quinoa's nutritional magic, because it contains all the essential amino acids making it a complete protein source - 12 to 18% protein - amazing for a plant.Scientists in Britain have compiled a list of the best superfoods to help you look younger and live longer.

"The foods we're actually talking about are fruits; in particular strawberries, blueberries, peaches, apples and grapes." says Dietician Julie Gilbert. "For looking at vegetables we'll be looking at spinach and broccoli and also red onion. The other things that people like to enjoy everyday are green tea and coffee and also dark chocolate." Julie Gilbert says Superfoods should in every families shopping trolley.

"We don't have to actually have to eat more of them in our diet to be able to get double the benefit. We just need to make them part of our regular eating habit. So we can still include oranges and mangoes and other fruits but we also want to regularly include things like apples and strawberries."

So what is it about these foods that make them super? Associate Professor Dr Rob Brooks from the University of New South Wales says; "Many of the foods on this list are things that you would certainly go to if you wanted to up the antioxidant quantity in your diet. What these foods have in common is a group of molecules called "anti oxidant polyphenols". "There are hundreds and hundreds of different types of polyphenols and many of them have this property - they soak up the reactive oxygen species, which are molecules that our bodies create that cause damage to our cells."

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Barley Max Goodness Super Foods is the worlds 1st cereal to use CSIRO's


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