Super Foods

Reporter: Pippa Gardner

There is no question that to an extent you can disease proof yourself by using the right foods.

The right ones are often referred to as super foods and they have the power to protect and fight disease.

"I believe by changing my diet, it's helped hold the cancer, the prostate cancer in regression" Said Keith

Keith James, overhauled his diet when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 12 years ago.

He cut out saturated fats, meat and dairy and upped his intake of fruits and vegetables.

A year later his prostate cancer was under control - he also no longer has to take his blood pressure medication.

"You've got cancer you have to take alternate measures to beat it and this to me is one measure that may work, so yes I do believe the foods we eat are contributing to some of our diseases"

Recently scientists in the UK discovered a molecule called sulforaphone in Broccoli.

It boosts protective enzymes in breast tissue and that researchers believe could slow the growth of tumour cells.

Broccoli based medicine is now being trialled on patients.

"If you think that just eating broccoli because of this one study is going to be the cure for cancer then you are very mistaken" Said Prof Kerryn Phelps

Professor Kerryn Phelps says no matter how "super" a food might be its powers are limited.

"We're really at risk of a single super food fad whereas what we really need to be doing, is to say there are a whole range of super foods and we need a whole mixture of those to be healthy"

Her pick of super foods to eat daily:-

*A handful of Almonds which are proven to reduce the risk of blood clots and lowering bad cholesterol.

*About a 1/5 of an Avocado a day is enough to support good eyesight.

*Half a cup of Broccoli is not just good for the breasts it helps eyesight and reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

*Half a cup of Blueberries, which are proven to help prevent chronic disease and are packed with vitamin C.

*103 grams of fresh cut Turmeric. It has an active ingredient called Curcumin, which is being investigated as a treatment Alzheimers disease.

*And a cup of cooked Lentils which are one of the best sources of fibre and help maintain bowel function.

"While the genetic lottery means we can't disease proof ourselves, Science has shown we can decrease our chances of developing chronic diseases by eating a healthy diet with at least two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables every day.

"I was unfortunately in a position I saw my Dad when I was 12 years of age, he dropped in front of my brother and I as we walked into a restaurant, he had a heart attack in front of us" Said Guy Leach

It was that terrible moment, that Iron man Guy Leech realised the choices you make about your health have a direct impact on your life.

"In some ways for me it got me into sport it got me into iron man which I thought was very healthy and when I retired I wanted to help other people" Said Guy

Guy is a big advocate of healthy eating, and works with people to overhaul their diets.

He's just put his name behind Barley Max a low GI super food developed by the CSIRO.

"It helps with reducing the risk of cancer, it helps with reducing the risk of heart disease with people with diabetes, it has massive, massive advantages" Said Guy

Professor Phelps says it's never too late to change your diet.

"The answers are within most people's grasp, pretty much everyone can get hold of fresh unprocessed raw foods and if you have a bit knowledge around you know the foods to combine to give yourself a fresh balanced diet then I think we will be looking at a much healthier population"


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