Summer Dukan

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

It's the silly season, it's nearly time to make a new year's resolution and if you're in the majority, you'll want to look slimmer in 2012.

It's the five day kickstart challenge two mums have five days to lose three kilos. Mums Natalee Hubbard and Amanda Lord want to shape up and tone up for the warm weather

Amanda agrees "Absolutely that's the time of the year when you want to put your bikini on and go to the beach and play with your kids on the beach and feel confident and comfortable in your body. And being able to lose a couple of kilos at this time of year is a perfect time to do it."

And the Summer Dukan Diet promises to do just that, drop 3 kilos in 5 days on a high-protein, low-fat diet.

"Currently I weigh 65 kilos and I'd like to get down to 62 after I finish doing this trial diet." Says Amanda

And Natalee hopes to lose the same amount of weight too "I'm currently 74 kilos, and it'd be amazing if I could lose 3 kilos to get down to 71."

They loaded up on meat, eggs, fish and low-fat dairy products

Natalee doesn't seem to phased by the large portion of meat "I think it will be okay, I normally do have meat with every meal at dinner time, probably not so much at lunch so that's going to be interesting but I guess my only concern is like the lack of fibre for the week, but I'll see how that goes. It's going to be a challenge, I think it will be challenging with all this meat, but I'm willing to give it a go."

Amanda is game to give it a go too "I think I'm pretty good with discipline and committing to things so I don't think I'm not going to struggle to much to sticking to it. It is only 5 days."

Although the Dukan Diet is not new, it's cemented its place as the number one diet in the world; in fact, 5 million people have found success thanks to the French man by the same name

"In my diet, what people like is they are in a program very, very precious, very concrete just like a road map, military road map." Says Pierre Dukan himself

Dr Dukan's book has been printed in 17 languages and stars Penelope Cruz, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez have shifted some extra baggage on the program so too have those heavily photographed Middleton girls.

"I've discovered a mission now, when I write this book I didn't know why I just noticed that I have better results than I see people making the old dogmatic calories contain from the beginning of the nutrition, and that isn't functional, it doesn't work." Says Mr Dukan

Zoe bingley-pullin "My opinion on the Dukan diet is, I don't think it's good for any one particular diet, whether it's Dukan, whether it's the high GI, low GI to be cutting out key foods groups to get those key vitamins and minerals we need in our diet, we need a variety of foods and focusing on one particular food group or limiting other food groups is not a good idea."

Nutritionst Zoe Bingley-Pullin praises the Dukan for its kick start approach but guarantees that any weight lost in 5 days will not be body fat. "Reality is, you're not going to be losing 3 to 5 kilos of fat, you're more likely to be going to losing fluid and unfortunately, for some people, you're also going to be losing muscle Loss of muscle can be a loss of metabolic rate, so it's not a good approach."

Isabel Coulson couldn't disagree more "I've been on the diet for about 11 months now, and I have lost 13.5 kilos and I have maintained it. It's a great confidence for me, I just feel as though I have more energy, I play sport, I can get on the treadmill, go for a walk with the dog, I've just much more energised."

And after five days, Natalee and Amanda are feeling just as good...

"In five days, I've lost four kilograms" declares Amanda

Amanda struggled with the high-protein foods and says she felt unnatural not to be eating her greens but now, she can indulge.

"I think the thing I'm going to enjoy the most is being able to get amongst the festive season, and enjoy some fresh fruit, some nice steamed vegetables with my meals again and certainly being able to enjoy a glass of wine or two!"

"I've lost three kilos in the five days."

Natalee is also relieved to be back on her normal diet and attributes her loser fitting clothes to the Dukan Diet. "The three kilos have made these jeans, my favourite jeans, a bit loser and a bit more comfortable, and I'm now looking forward to wearing my little black dress again as well."

For these women to maintain their new figures, they must continue into phases two, three and four.

Phase two is a continuation of phase one but with unlimited vegetables...

Phase three allows fruit, bread, cheese and two celebration meals a week...

And the final stage will let you eat as much protein and vegetables as you like, one serve of fruit a day. And the golden rule, keep one day a week purely protein.

For Amanda, Christmas has never looked better. "I definitely feel like I've leaned down a lot, so I feel like through my middle part of my body I've been able to trim down and certainly that's going to help with putting a bikini on." She says