Styling Secrets

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

"You put it on and the effect is instant." Says Brooke Daniels designer

"The bumps disappear, the bulges vanish, it's a miracle dress" says stylist Wendy Mak

"The miracle? 5 kilos - gone in the blink of an eye."

It's the styling secret that's being used by fashionistas in the know. The dress that can instantly slim, trim and hide every lump and bump. The ultimate in the quick fix makeover is now here.

"Stylists have had these secrets for years, why do you think celebrities always look so good…and so slim?" says Wendy

Celebrity stylist Wendy Mak is breaking rank and revealing the best tips from the little black book of fashion secrets and the instant slimming dress is her biggest wardrobe weapon.

"This dress is all about colour placement, you've got the black down here which chops off all of the sides, and the eyes are drawn instantly to this coloured section in the middle so you look only that skinny." Says Wendy

"Straight away you've lost all the weight down here, its amazing." Wendy continues

"So you've effectively shrunk this much." Says Sally "Absolutely, and then you've got these curved lines, and they actually help to camouflage any problem areas this fabric it's got maximum tension and what that does is it actually sucks you in and smooths out any lumps and bumps."

And the transformation is just as fashion designer Brooke Daniels intended

"Just about every woman I know wants to lose 5 kilos, that's why I created this dress. I designed it with the every day woman in mind, so she could look fabulous and feel confident." Says Brooke

The dress is known as the "d5k" dress that's short for drop 5 kilos dress and both Brooke and Wendy agree that it's universally flattering

"I wanted it to look good on everyone no matter what their size or shape and the great thing is that even the most sceptical women are shocked when they put it on. They're like "oh wow, i've shrunk" says Brooke

"You don't have to have the perfect body; it creates the ideal body shape - gym free." Says Wendy

There's a closet full of stylist tips and tricks and the latest is reversible jeans - z for women ... And men. Created by fashion designer Kassandra Scardino they're the ultimate in value for money fashion

"When I thought of the concept, two jeans for the price of one the choice of two different colours, day and night you really can't go wrong." Says Kassandra

"These are the reversible jeans and as you can see on this side a lovely light wash, when you turn them inside out, you get your classic dark indigo wash. This pair has your classic dark wash on the outside and for someone who is a little bit more adventurous you've got your pattern texture on the inside. The best part about these jeans is that the zip works two ways." Says Wendy demonstrating the reversible jeans

"So that's why they're reversible." Says Sally

"Exactly." Responds Wendy

"Jeans are a big staple in every wardrobe and they can cost quite a lot per pair, so if you can actually get multiple pairs in one and save yourself some money then that's fantastic.

Taking the denim money saving a step further, are the latest hemming gadgets allowing you to convert your jeans to suit different shoes on the spot.

"Wendy I see the problem, with the heels the jeans are totally great, but for flats, way too long." Says Sally

"Exactly and that's why a product like hem tape is great, it's really easy to use. all you need to do is pull off the self adhesive sticker and just stick it on the bottom of your jeans like so then you just fold the jean under to what ever length you want to make it and it sticks."

Also ensuring your jeans work with every shoe in your closet is hemming-my-way. Created by Aussie actress, Melissa George, it's the worlds first snap device that sticks underneath your jeans or trousers. Simply snap under your long hem for flats, unsnap to slip back into heels.

"With access to products like the hem tape, the dress and the jeans you too can have the secrets of a stylist in your back pocket." Says Wendy



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