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Like traditional surfing itself, Stand Up Paddle surfing (SUP) has it roots in the waters of Hawaii. Pioneered way back in the 1940's when the Hawaiian Beach Boys used to paddle out to the breaks standing up to avoid getting their camera gear wet when taking photos of tourists. SUP developed into it's own form of surfing in the 1960's and now SUP is making a strong resurgence worldwide with surfers and non-surfers alike.

SUP is now a sport accessible to all, as improved technologies have allowed boards to come down a lot in weight while modern surfboard design has improved manoeuvrability on waves

While a big part of the sport is catching waves (often waves that on a traditional surfboard or longboard would be unrideable) SUP is also a great experience in flat water as a fun and exciting way to cruise around and see the natural environment. As you are much higher off the water than a surfboard or surfski, visibility is far greater both above and below the water.

SUP is an excellent crossover sport that not only provides more time on the water but also provides an isometric workout that strengthens core muscle groups, improves balance and generally improves fitness.

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