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Reporter: Mark Gibson

We've seen children have spooky enounters in movies like Paranormal Activity. But is this the video that proves ghosts really do exist? Renowned psychic Anthony Grzelka has no doubt Ben is encountering a spirit. "It almost looks like something's trying to grab him there.Almost as if you could see him trying to resist something holding him."

What happens next is remarkable. Ben comes over to his Dad, who's filming, and seems to say the word "ghost." A few seconds later, he says it again. Ben's parents gave Today Tonight the video on the condition we don't reveal their names. It was shot at the family home in Perth's northern suburbs.

"I have to tell you the experiences this child was having are not greatly different from a lot of kids out there that have these types of experiences." Anthony Grzelka says children are more open to these sorts of experiences than many adults. "I know there's probably a lot of sceptics out there watching this and going oh boo hoo that's just rubbish, but I've been doing this a long time and 3 year old kids are not conditioned to sort of make this stuff up."

Kyah Franklin is like any other 12 year old girl.. except she believes she connects to the spirit world.

"I usually feel people touching hands or holding hands and light sort of feelings on my shoulder."Her grandfather died suddenly just before Kyah's third birthday. Just over a year later was the first time Kyah says he paid her a visit. "I sat up and I was really scared like I had my jaw dropped really and he's faded away."

At the time it was just a man with a beard. As she got older, she saw photos of her grandfather.Kyah's Mum, Dee, says parents need to listen, if their kids have unusual experiences. "A lot of people just sort of fob it off as dreams and that with children and more people I guess are becoming open to the idea that there are spirits of people with us and they stay with us, our family, when they do pass over."Another relative, Glenn, died in a car accident when Kyah was five. She matter-of-factly reveals she has contact with him too."I do pay attention to it but it's more of a natural feeling. It's not something that scares you? no, not really."

Anthony Grzelka met the Perth 12 year old, to find out more about these close encounters. He came to the conclusion that Kyah is a gifted child psychic. "The immediate thing I saw was Allison DuBois, I think she has the capacity to do the same type of work as Alison DuBois." That's a big call. Allison DuBois is the crime-solving psychic the TV show Medium is based on. Anthony says "80% of kids that you will meet have psychic ability, the thing with Kyah is she has it in spadeloads, do you understand, it's there, it's ready to happen for her if she chooses to go that way."


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