Reporter: Rodney Lohse


Now tonight to the speed camera fight back and the army of techno savvy drivers using sophisticated gps systems speed limiters and tracking devices to prove Australia's speed cameras are out dated and just plain getting it wrong. And as Rodney Lohse reports they are winning.

Karen Churcher is her name and she's been fined by this camera on Brisbane's north side 3 times.. she even did it deliberately in an attempt to prove it wrong.

"Because I required evidence to take to court on the second matter to show that, that camera was registering exactly five kilometres over what my speedo was registering." Says Karen

She captured that infringement on video and she's one of many speed rebels going to extreme lengths to prove Australia's speed traps are wrong.

Truck driver Glenn Price was given a ticket after a police officer followed him supposedly monitoring his speed using the police cars speedo.

"I was pulled over by an officer that told me I was doing one hundred and eleven kilometres per hour to which I told him it was rubbish." Says Glenn

What the Officer didn't know was Glenn's new scania truck was fitted with a CAN chip, which limits his truck to a maximum to 102 kilometres an hour and records everything he does.

"So from there I went to our main office, it was only ten minutes away and went into the boss' office and told him what happened, and I said can you bring up on your computer what the truck was doing, and he said yep, the truck was doing a maximum of one hundred and two kilometres per hour." Says Glenn

And a check by technicians has proven Glenn's truck was operating correctly as was the new recording tracking device on this motorbike.

"When we looked at that that day we could see quite clearly that he'd been travelling at sixty two kilometres."

Bill Cumpston's company has sophisticated tracking devices fitted to his employees vehicles they track their location and their speed its state of the art. Bill never realised it would show just how archaic police speed cameras can be.

"Oh heavens, the Government never likes being corrected."

Armed with the evidence Bill wrote to the government demanding the fine be dropped and the speed camera be checked fearing thousands were being wrongly fine.

"How can they have equipment that's penalising people to a significant extent for exceeding the speed limit when quite clearly they weren't? The technology that's employed by a lot of these speed cameras is quite old, the technology employed by a lot of these GPS systems on cars and trucks these days is red hot and its satellite linked to within one point five seconds."

Speeding Fine Consultant Scott Cooper says drivers are fast becoming the experts when it comes to speeding.. with technology that outstrips that used by law enforcement agencies

It is surprising, but it's becoming more common, courts are now ruling with GPS, we had a GPS ruling that was accepted by the court only three weeks ago here in Queensland.

And authorities do get it wrong already operators of Brisbane's Clem 7 tunnels have admitted drivers have been fined incorrectly. For Bill and his motorbike rider it didn't even get to court, after receiving the letter the fine was dropped immediately but Bill wanted more of an explanation as to how it could happen, the best he got was it was a clerical error due to difficulty seeing the number plate, which Bill says wasn't true.

"It was the right person, on the right bike, at the right place and quoted the speed that was on the photograph, so it was very hard for us to understand what the clerical error was."

Bill believes it's a cover-up. For Truck driver Glenn he's pitted his sophisticated on board computer chip against the speedo of a police car, it's cost him thousands with Glenn fronting before a judge on 5 separate occasions.

"The whole system stinks, I had the proof in my hand the first time I went to court that I wasn't speeding." Says Glenn

Glenn will have his 6th visit to court next month for the judgement and it's next month Karen Churcher will pit her speedo against this speed camera her ace in the hole this letter from Toyota.

"I would like them to take notice of the evidence that I'm presenting to show that this camera is clearly reading over the speed being travelled." Says Karen

Toyota technicians have shown that Karen's car actually goes slower than her speedo reads so instead of the 110 she thought she was going and 115 the camera says she was actually going 108km per hour the camera out by as much as 7 kilometres.

"So there are a lot of people being caught that aren't going over the speed limit much at all." Says Karen

Karen expects her battle to take months and cost her thousands but she says she's prepared to do it for all drivers

"And I applaud that and it's about time that the Government realised they're putting the wrong people off the road."

Scott Cooper says the more people that fight the more that win, which he says will mean more will fight blatant revenue raising and shoddy enforcement.

"Join the revolt, the Australian driving public is sick of being used as a cash cow. Fight back." Says Scott