Speed Cam Ban

Reporter: David Richardson

Craig Doyle, who is nick named the road warrior "If you want to bring your sneaky, unmarked, privately owned speed cameras to Gosford, then get yourself a D.A. and bring it here."

David 'He's tried to have them banned. Now a council deputy mayor wants to charge mobile speed camera operators a fee to fine drivers in his area.

Craig "These guys should be putting in development applications because it's a commercial activity. let's face it they're making money."

David "Craig Doyle is nick-named the "road warrior" His local council, Gosford city on the central coast of NSW is fighting the roads and traffic authority and state government over mobile speed cameras, trying to keep them off the council's 15-hundred kilometres of major roads, streets and by-ways, they're weapon of choice, parking rangers."

Craig "they will get no special treatment in Gosford city at all. If they are parked illegally they will be booked the same as anybody else who parks illegally. If they are parked illegally on footpaths we will book them. If they exceed their time limits. we will book them."

David "Gosford city council will charge camera operators a minimum of $250 for every Development application. If the mobile speed camera car is in a no-stopping zone, it will be fine $201. In a no stopping school zone, a $268 fine and if it goes over it's time limit, an $86 fine. Craig "the bottom line is we can't stop them, but we can certainly enforce the parking regulations around them. Gosford city council's really got it's act together because these new state government covert cameras are immoral and utterly unethical and everyone's over it."

David "Today Tonight's motoring and roads expert John Cadogan applauds the local councils move against mobile cameras."

"You know this could really take off. Gosford Council could just be the first in a large number of councils that say enough is enough. they're just representing the view of their constituents." Says John

David "New South Wales has 6 mobile speed cameras just like this, another 40 are on the way and by the end of 2011 speed fines will have raked in more than $428-million ---$570 million dollars by 2012. They're parked supposedly near black spots but Gosford council doesn't have a clue how many times they've come into it's area."

Craig "you don't know how much they've made? can't tell ya. You don't know how much the state government has taken out of this area alone? we can't say here, or in Sydney or anywhere where these mobile speed cameras are, at the moment it's a secret."

David "Craig's entitled to his opinion but I just encourage him to head down to the local hospital ward when someone is in the intensive care unit dying from a road injury because someone's speeding. Roads Minister David Borger is sick of the constant criticism of the cameras but he agrees with Gosford council on one thing."

"If mobile cameras are doing the wrong thing and break the law they should be fined, there are some exemptions that allow them to go onto nature strips, not over footpaths and not to obstruct pedestrians or cyclists." Says David Borger

Reporter David Richardson continues "but state governments everywhere are quick to point out money raised by these covert cameras go into major road safety packages worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Craig Doyle says his area hasn't seen a cent of that."

Craig "I'd happily go away and leave the state government and RTA alone if we could get some dedication. At least tell the people what you are doing with the money, at least be fair and if you are about road safety let's mark these things up so people know. let's be a visual deterrent. let's go out there on the front foot and not be sneaky about it."

David Borger "it may be popular issue to campaign against these cameras but it is a just issue to put them in. it's a just issue because it will save lives."