Soup Squad

Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

It doesn't matter how it comes.. You can't beat a bowl of good soup on a cold winters day.

Annemarie was brought up eating fresh Italian soups cooked by her mother francesca. They say the key to the perfect broth are freshly picked ingredients.

"I like the idea that there is a lot of fresh vegetables, parsley out of our garden we have always been brought up with a garden when i was little we always had the garden and chickens and mum and dad grew everything." Said Annemarie

They're cooking up 3 of their family favourites for the ultimate taste test- pumpkin, brodo also knows as chicken broth and a vegetable soup- they're confident their fresh recipes will always beat supermarket brands for taste and nutrition .. But they can't be sure because ..

"I have never tasted never bought a supermarket soup i have never had to. not a tin or anything. doesn't even appeal to open a can or microwave or a sache sorry." Said Annemarie

Nutritionally fresh is always best- but according to susie burrill there are some supermarket brands that are just as healthy-

"A product can claim to be natural or gluten free but always take a look at the nutritional label for example in this instance twelve hundred milligrams of sodium per serve that is more than half of your upper daily requirement salt." Said Susie Burrill

Her top picks for nutrition are…. The pitango chicken noodle 750mg sodium per serve and 67% vegetable and chicken stock. In second place annemaries home made chicken broth with 600mg sodium and 16g's of carbohydrates and in first place the woolworths lamb and barley soup with 630mg of sodium per serve with 40% vege and 10% meat

"To get an idea of the quality of the soup particularly when it is a tinned variety is look for the proportion of vegetables. so anything over forty or thirty percent vegetable matter is a good quality soup when it is getting low between ten and fifteen percent it is a little bit low and it is likely to have starchy fillers." Said Susie

But you have to get the kids to eat it..

We've recruited teen testers from brigidine college .. Ready to sip slurp. and slop through a blind test of five supermarket brands - woolworths- lamb and barley, pitango chicken noodle, macro pumpkin, campbell's roast lamb and rosemary and heinz chunky bacon steak and potato- and the 3 home made soups.

Anne-marie and francesca's chicken soup didn't get one vote as best of the broths.

The heinz canned soup got a single vote .. Then follwoed pitango's chicken noodle soup with just 2. Woolworths came fourth

Equal 3rd was the homemade vegetable and campbell's fully loaded can. Second place was the supermarket macro pumpkin and first place was the home made pumpkin.

Contact details

'Susie Burrell -


Kick Start diet revamp

Adding in raw Components with a Green Juice and a Green Smoothie

Phase 1

- goes for 7 days

'Breakfast - Green Juice, two Juice Plus Fruit Capsules (Nutrient booster, no calories)

'Mid morning - Green Smoothie

'Lunch - Soup

'Mid afternoon - Green Juice

'Dinner - Soup, two Juice Plus Vegetable Capsules (Nutrient booster, no calories)

'Before bed - Green Smoothie

'Lots of water and herbal or green teas

Phase 2

- we are adding in more plant based proteins, legumes, nuts and seeds. Wholefoods are the key to long term success.

Kick Start whole food soup recipe

'4 cups water

'2 x zucchini

'2 bunches kale, collard greens or other greens (rough stems and centre ribs removed and leaves chopped)

2 onions

'2 cups fresh mushrooms (shitake, cremini and or white chopped)

'Fresh herbs of choice

'2 x massel vegetable stock cubes

'3 tomatoes

'2 large cans crushed tomatoes

'2 cans liquid vegetable stock

'1 bunch celery, including leaves

'3 green capsicums

'1 kg carrot

'2 cups green beans

Kick Start raw live food green smoothie recipe

'1 cup berries of choice

'1 scoop Sunwarrior Raw Protein Powder

'1 scoop Mila Chia Seed Blend

'1 cup baby spinach

'2 cup water

Kick Start raw live food energiser juice

'2 stalks celery

'1/4 cup cucumber

'1 cup kale

'2 wedges lemon

'Sprig parsley

'1 green apple

'1 cup baby spinach

'Liquid stevia