Reporter: Madeleine Kennard

It's like a scene from a sci fi movie.

Now the futuristic functions - have become reality - all in the comfort of your own home

This week the big names in television unveiled their latest offerings - smart, sleek and state of the art.

Samsung's Phil Newton says their new 8 series model is a one stop shop- becoming the central hub of the home.

"You can control other products you can talk to one another your tablet your smart phone you can interact with the television so you can watch one show on the tv and you can watch another one on your mobile phone." Said Phil

The remote has become redundendant- this space age television is voice activated - you don't have to lift a finger to change the channel.

There's a built in camera, which can save you money- by using skype through the tv you don't have to pay for phone calls.

"The beauty of the camera is not so you can look at yourself but also we have got some applications in there called my mirror and skype of course too." Said Phil

The gamers haven't been forgotten, lg's cinema 3d led tv is offering a new 3d gaming experience.

"It takes a popular game which has split screen technology like call of duty for example and instead of showing the screen split in to two it sends the signal to two different pairs of glasses so the player will actually see the full screen." Said Lambro

Lambro skrop-e-dis from lg says the possibilities are endless- with the one tv you can watch your favourite shows from anywhere in the house.

"As long as you have got a wifi connection you can take what ever you have got broadcast or whatever is on blueray to your tablet, to you smart phone and walk around the house." Said Lambro

These tv's aren't cheap- but if you want the technology without the pricetag- there are options.

"You can spend as little as 429 on a hd version smart product which is full smart so full web browsing all the content you can get on any other product don't even need to buy a new tv." Said Phil

"Will people use it everyday probably not but it is a nice extra when maybe you have a few friends around and you want to have some fun with the tv." Said Sean

Seamus Byrne from tech website cnet warns always read the fine print.

"You don't pay for it directly you might pay a little bit extra for the tvs that have the smart tv features 02.40 The other big thing that people need to worry about is the data charges because in Australia we do have data caps and you might have to pay extra money if you want to have more data available." Said Seamus

So what can we expect next year?

"It will just keep continuing as technology gets faster applications come to the home being able to control other appliances in your home. Who knows where it is going to go." Said Phil