Sensa Slim

Reporter: Damien Hansen

In every chemist in every suburb there's a wall of products promising a new you and in the business of making you smaller this one could be the next big thing. "The results are phenomenal the average weightloss each month was two and a half kilos or the equivalent of six pounds." Says Doctor Matthew "I just ate normally my exercise stayed exactly the same I didn't have to go to the gym more or anything like that it was very easy it just dropped off." Says Sarah

Sarah Lyons is among the first in the country to try sensaslim. An oral tga approved liquid spray which claims to be the most effective slimming solution available anywhere in the world. "The taste is ok it is a shock at the start you get used to it, it numbs your tongue within minutes and you are not hungry anymore and it is definitely worth it." Says Sarah

Since she's been using sensaslim she's dropped a kilogram a week her sister Ashleigh wasn't so lucky in the twin trial she was given a placebo. "I was still hungry I still had that food craving I was still eating that same amount um and Sarah wasn't and that's when I realised I wasn't the one on Sensaslim." Says Ashleigh

They use one or two sprays of the spray and suddenly they are noticing over time they're eating less and losing weight without even trying. Dr Matthew Capehorn is the clinical director of the uk's national obesity forum...he was so impressed by the results of the sensaslimn trial that claims a 87.2 per cent success rate amongst eleven thousand participants.. He now works for the company.

"This is a randomised double blind placebo controlled trial so it stands up to all the scientific rigours of clinical trials the only difference is this one was based on the internet." Says Dr Matthew So if Sensaslim does what it claims to do then the principle remains fairly basic, the spray acts to desensitise your taste buds as well as suppressing your appetite which means if you're not hungry you eat less and if you eat less you put on less weight, it all seems fairly simple doesn't it.

Now most people don't really gain weight from what they eat at meals they gain weight from what they snack on between meals so are you going to be spraying your mouth twenty times a day Arlene Normand is a dietician who remains sceptical "Basically there is no fairy wand to make weight loss happen and they talk about magical ingredients there is no magical ingredients for weight loss." "My wife bought me this shirt before Christmas and it was too tight now since I've lost seventeen kilos thanks to Sensaslim it is too big."

Magical or not Kellyville truck driver Brett Glenny says it was just the antidote for his skyrocketing weight gain It has just decreased my appetite and I just don't have those hunger pains and feel like i need to eat like I used to. "You can carry it in your bag it is just very easy you can hide it so no one can see it, no one knows you are taking it." "No one knows you are cheating." Asks Damien "Yeah exactly" Sarah replies

Now it needs to be made clear that Sarah and Ashleigh are ambassadors for Sensaslim which means they get paid to promote the product and like any other dietary supplement it comes with the caveat that everything doesn't work for everyone but its hard to see anything else out there more simple than a quick spray in the mouth even for the most unmotivated dieters.

"It has an effect of reminding us that we are actually trying to lose weight and it is like having a little friend on our shoulder reminding us ten minutes before we eat to eat less." Says Doctor Matthew