Seniors Gym

They're fit, strong and over sixty. Pushing and pulling, riding and rowing.

Trainer at Stirling Leisure Centre, Clive Rego says it's a mixture of fitness and friendship.

Training 3 times a week, this troupe are giving the young guns a run for their money.

From muscles to memory there's even boxing for the brain.

Setting the pace is great grandfather Allen Ferguson, "I am 88 and 3 quarters."

Yep, he's nearly ninety living proof you're only as old as you feel.

For Allen, a missed session with his mates weighs heavy on his heart, "feel guilty actually and after I have been here I feel on top of the world."

As For George well he's a youngster, at 70 years old he says the hard work all pays off. "The aim is to keep fit and enjoy life, we've worked for a long time and now it's time to enjoy life, enjoy our grandchildren. Yeah it's great."

Exercise Physiologist David Beard, says many seniors think it's too late to get strong. "Certainly people who are fit live longer in fact the research says someone who is a fit 80 year old has a less risk of dying than an unfit 60 year old so in that case it's a pretty good insurance policy." Staying steady on your feet, fighting the flu and healthy bones are just some of the bonuses.

And if the gym isn't your thing, David says there are exercises you can do at home


David says "doing a squat where they are going to sit down on a chair and just before they get to the chair they stand back up again."


"Stairs are a great activity to do at home to build leg strength so doing step ups on the stairs."


"And get to the stage where you can do push ups, you might not start out being able to do them but you can do them up against the wall or do them on the edge of a table."

Despite their age they're showing no signs of slowing down.