Selling Spaces

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

It's the spare space you could be lettting go to waste - car bays, empty rooms even the back of your ute. A renting revolution earning clever entrepreneurs extra cash.

Michael Foreham rents out his inner city car bay. "I have the one spare bay which obviously wasnt doing anything, thought i could make some money from it" Michael advertised his spare bay on internet site 'parkhire', and within a week it was rented. "I charge $15 a day, which works out to about $3000 a year" It's a win win, for the driver too who's saving a fortune on parking. The tennent who pay's to use Michael's bay, has his own remote control, to come and go, as he pleases.

Retiree Helen Barrett has her own little booming bed and breakfast in her spare space upstairs. "They have the exclusive use of the upstairs of my home, so it's more like a suite than a room" Rather than let her second floor go to waste, Helen decided to rent out the two bedroom space overlooking a lovely park and it's worth the effort, guests pay anywhere between $190, to more than $300 a night and given WA's incredible accomodation crisis, she can barely keep up with demand. "Do you ever get sick of having strangers in your house? no no" As for security? Helen says it's simply a matter of setting things up right. "You take out insurance it covers you, ive never had a problem in all the years i have been running" Given the current boom, she's urging other families to get on board. "If we could get some more bed and breakfast up and running we would be helping the accomodation crisis"

Murray Lamb isn't a courier but he's cottoned on to a clever way, to cash in. "I'm a property developer and builder and Im constantly on the move and this is a great way for me to lower overheads and reduce my fuel costs" Today, Murray's delivering a surfboard on the way to work. Since using his ute for the past few months to make deliveries, while still doing his job he's earned an extra $1500. "Thats 15 weeks of fuel that i dont have to pay for" Will Emmit works for MeeMeep, the online company that employees what's called "social couriers" around the country. "We're looking for people who are eager safe reliable wanting to make money and people who want to be part of a growing movement around Australia"And it's not only mortorists cashing in for people like Stuart, who buy and sell on ebay it means massive savings. "In some instances I've saved up to 60% on what I would actually be using for a courier"So whether it's the back of your car, a parking bay or rooms you dont use why let the space go to waste when you could make a roaring trade, renting them out.

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