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Reporter: Graeme Butler

Lousy landlord Charlie Saliba is back at his old tricks. After our story went to air earlier this week more stories of tenants living in squalor have emerged. The plumbing, the electrics, leaking roof, just general maintenance. Andrew and Melissa rent half of a Bassendean house from Charlie Saliba. Again he's making a fortune from their misfortune - all up raking in almost $500 a week for the dump... Andrew says their share alone is too much " $300 a week basically for half a house. No yard or security it's not worth it" The house is also a health hazard. Raw sewage flows from the toilet into broken drains outside - it's disgusting. It's a house Today Tonight has visited before. Reporter Natalie Bongolo confronted landlord Charlie Saliba there two years ago " The sewage is running straight out into the was broken then - it's still broken now " The toilet's basically broken. See water flooding out from the base there it's open like pipe attached to the floor so does that moves " Andrew said. "It slides all the way around that would probably pop off if you go any further " It's not only dodgy - it's potentially deadly. The detached toilet could cause the ceramic bowl to shatter - it's so sharp it could sever your leg. "He's been to fix the toilet a couple of times it's still leaking it's barely attached to the floor it wiggles you can't sit down properly "

Last week electrical inspectors were forced to cut the power to one of Charlie Saliba's houses because it was so dangerous - yet as usual Charlie Saliba refused to believe he's doing anything wrong David Hillyard from Consumer protection says the department has prosecuted Charlie Saliba numerous times before "Nothing that looks unsafe probably is unsafe and you should come and talk to us or the local council about it when you sign up for a tenancy you would expect to get things in writing you're entitled to certain paperwork. You should be getting receipts for any money paid. "

According to the tenants we've spoken to - paperwork is not Charlie's strongpoint - Andrew and Melissa still haven't received a lease agreement or rent receipts "He reckons he sent one out and every time I've seen him since i said i need my lease for what ever particular reasons what ever it may be he said we don't need a lease and i want to know where we're paid up to i haven't received receipts where we're paid up til at all"

It's these sorts of issues the department of consumer protection wants to hear about from Charlie Saliba's disgruntled tenants both current and past. We'd be happy to talk to reasonably recent past tenants so people who had difficulty getting their bond money back people who've had to leave properties because they were unsafe to stay in those properties we've keen to hear from anyone's whose dealt with him in the past 12 months.

Charlie Saliba Hotline at Dept of Consumer Protection

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