Reverse Wrinkles

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

The skin is the first body part to show the dreaded signs of ageing and australians spend around $880 million dollars a year trying to fight it. But are most of the anti ageing solutions nothing more than overpriced moisturiser? Cori Matthews says "the greatest mistake that women in Australia make is their skin care regime. They think by using a good toner and moisturiser it is going to be enough to help with anti ageing, it's not. You need to be using a product that is a treatment cream which will help with the underlying structure of the skin."

Retracting the ravages of time is an often promised beauty slogan but rarely do you see black and white proof. Cult danish beauty brand - Beaute Pacifique - is promising to show the evidence of sun damage and wrinkle reversal in just 5 days. Not surprisingly 41 year old, Peta Heaton, couldn't wait to put her hand up. "I have tried a lot of things, over the years, but nothing has really undone the damage the sun has done over all these years."

Cori Matthews is director of Beaute Pacifique, "so this cream isn't a cosmetic, it's a cosmecuetical and what that means is it's been designed to heal, restore and also improve the skin conditions" So Cori how does it work? "It's very simple, we are taking an ultra sound of the skin much like when you have a baby we are looking at the underlying structure of the skin." The key is that this cream delivers vitamin a directly to the deepest layers of the skin, not just the surface, which explains the rapid skin improvement.

So it's Day 5 let's have a look, so what can we see? "What we're looking at is these black areas that we saw on day 1, the black area here is indicating sun damage. look here on day 5 what a difference" Peta says "I really didn't think it would be this obvious, but i can feel the difference, i can see the difference and everybody around me can see the difference as well."

Cori says "what we see with a lot of our patients is that their skin looks 10 years younger but actually what we're seeing with the scans is that the structure of the skin can be up to 20 years younger"


Crème Metamorphic 50ml RRP $80.00

Available at selected stockists and online phone 1300 668 775