Retirement Evictions

Reporter: Damien Hansen

The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management have sent a letter to the mostly elderly residents of the sleepy seaside park telling them they're being evicted.

Edna Conroy has called the park home for almost forty years.

"This is the kitchen and kitchen preparation room meeting place where I make lots of coffee and tea and cooking," Edna said.

She and others like Fred O'Brien and his vision impaired wife Dorothy are being moved on as part of a state wide crackdown on permanent caravan park residents.

"We want to send a message to them to listen to the people for a change and not themselves," Fred said.

The O'Brien's like many others in the park have spent thousands of dollars on their humble home to comply with the parks strict guidelines.

The Bongaree caravan park like others around the country is on state owned land, but is administered by the local council.

For more than four decades the residents have wrongly been leased permanent sites zoned for recreational use. Suddenly the Queensland government have said enough is enough and is returning the park to a holiday camp ground throwing out its elderly taxpayers to make way for tourists.

Alf Bennion fought for his country in the steamy jungles of Milne Bay in Papua New Guinea; he wants to fight this battle but doesn't know if he can.

"My wife she's suffering the same problem every morning we can't eat," Alf said.

The Department of Environment and Management Resources tells us rental arrangements for the residents are determined by the local Moreton Shire Council and not them, so while local and state government squabble, residents are no closer to a resolution.

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