Razor Wars

Reporter: Tineka Everaardt

The advertising pitch hasn't changed much in sixty years but the price tag has. It all starts with a shaving industry dominated by a few big brands, with big marketing budgets to match. "$15 of the $20 you spend for a brand name razor is paid for in marketing", said Paul Dabrowa who runs the website, Oz Dollar Shave dot com.

But the new company claims they're ready to cut down the big players. "We can save you $300 a year", Paul said. Paul Dabrowa runs the online club where you can purchase basic razors at a better bottom dollar. "Does your razor really need 10 blades, a vibrating handle, a bottle opener and to double as an alarm clock? Crocodile Dundee used a knife and told the time by the sun", Paul said

"We went direct to the same factories that make brand name razors; we got them, we took them to Australia and we saved 70% off the price", he added."It's great to see that there may be some increase in competition which will hopefully bring down prices", said Matt Levey from Choice.

Matt believes a lack of competition has left Aussies paying a fortune to perform a daily ritual. "It is not always clear exactly which extra features are providing value for money and which ones are there just to keep the prices high", he said. Women's Health Magazine Editor, Felicity Harley admits she's been sucked in by the market leaders advertising gimmicks. "I do have a favourite and it is the Gillette Venus and interestingly, I did a straw poll of the Women's Health office and nearly three quarters of us still shave and most shave with Gillette Venus", Felicity said

Some of Australia's most popular and expensive shavers include the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Power Razor for seventeen dollars with a 6 pack of cartridges costing forty dollars. Razor blades have become such a valuable commodity that they're being targeted by criminals. One U.S. survey found that razors are in the top five most shoplifted items. Companies will have you believe they're worth the money and that creating razor blades is like developing a formula one car --almost NASA-like science. But Paul claims Oz Dollar Shave's products are the same quality.

For just four dollars, you're mailed a razor handle and five basic cartridges which should keep you going for a month. If you want a fancier razor, they've got those too. "We have the Triple X, now this razor is delivered straight to your door for $6.99. It has got three razor heads plus an aloe vera lubricating strip", Paul said."Finally we've got the Executive, pretty much the top of the line, is $9.99 -- still much, much cheaper of any of the top range razors out there", Paul said. "It's going to give people the opportunity to try something new, see if they need all the bells and whistles and really decide what they're getting when they pay a huge amount of money for a product", Matt said.

For further information visit the website at: www.ozdollarshave.com