Raw Food

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

"Everything on the table here is raw ... even the pizza? Raw. Michelle says "it's the next food trend" That's right. pizza, pasta, apple pie ... and it's all RAW. "Most people's idea of raw food is lettuce leaves and carrot sticks" A qualified chef, Michelle Sim's specialty is ... Food in the Nude. It's just like any other 'cooking' class, except, well, there's no cooking.

You wont believe what these meals are made from, we'll reveal the secret raw recipes a little later, but first the burning question WHY?Michelle says "it's really turned my thinking around, ive been able to claim back my health, my life, my happiness" It's the raw food revolution, with a celebrity following. Demi Moore does it, so does Alicia Silverstone, Sting, and Robin Williams. They're called raw foodists and converts claim it can fix health problems and sheds kilos.

"I lost about eight kilo's in about 2 months" since cutting out 'cooked' food, Nick Kenworthy and his family are hooked. This morning they're collecting breakky from their backyard, even four year Zi ... is a raw food fan.Zi do you want to pick this one here? what are we going to do with these oranges? "Juice them" Emma says "i think more people are starting to adopt a raw food diet because it's better for you" What's more, they reckon the weight falls off because raw food makes you feel full faster. "When your eating cooked food it's easy to overeat and you never feel satisfied, but with raw food your getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs"

Raw foodists dont eat eating that's been cooked, no bread, rice, or meat so breakfast today is a smoothie of greens, "it's nice, it's strong quiet earthy in a way but, it's nice" Emma says "start with one dish really and go from there and you'll find your palete will start to change and you'll really start to crave the raw food" "You'd have to research it very thoroughly" Dietician Margaret Hayes believes eating ONLY raw food isn't as simple as it sounds. "You need to find out what your missing out on the issues i think would be an issue would be your iron intake, your zinc intake, maybe your calcium intake" While she agrees there's benefits to increasing your fresh fruit and veg intake she's not sure the raw food fad will last. "It restricts your sociability sometimes so if your on predominatly a raw food diet and your friends ask you over to dinner and they dont eat that way, does that mean you dont go?"

Since going raw, Michelle says she's never felt better but admits it's been a challenge. "It's like being an apprentice chef all over again" now, her raw recipes are in demand, "this base is made from zucchini and walnuts" A masterclass that takes the heat out of the kitchen, a RAW pizza base topped with raw sauce even, raw cheese. "We're just going to pop our macadamia cheese on top" Looks like the real deal, what about the taste? "It's beautiful" Then there's the raw pasta, "and this is zucchini?" And you won't believe what this mousse is made of..."mmm tastes like real chocolate mouse, and it's avacado? Sure is. How about ... raw apple pie, "what's the base made out of? it's made out of macadamia"

"You need to think about it, investigate it and find out the right way to go raw" As with any diet Margaret warns moderation as for the raw foodists it's the best thing since sliced bread was taken off the menu. Michelle says "what i teach is really about showing people a simplistic way to bring health and vitality back into their life" Nick says "it's more than a diet, it's a lifestyle" For more information visit: www.foodinthenude.com.au