Power Cost/Savers

Reporter: Francesca Belperio

Since moving into his new home ..Jason Bunting has been getting a quarterly shock from his power company.

He's turned his place inside out to find the answer to his unusually high bills....with no success

"I've turned everything off in my house,..got a fridge running ..i run 2 computers in my office and printer during day. Everything else..off at power point pulled out..tv..everything. I can't do anymore to save power now unless I dig a cave and live in that." Said Jason

It may get to that for all of us with the cost of electricity set to skyrocket again by 20 per cent next month.. ...in Jason's case ..even energy provider can't explain it.

"We turn everything off.. we sit here in the dark used to play on computers now have a light on doing jigsaw puzzles.. stop using power.. everything I can do to stop using power.." Said JasonSharlene Potts bills have climbed above one thousand dollars a quarter.

"I have been turning everything off a at night..tv computer ..unplugging everything.." Said Sharlene

Little wonder then there's a massive boom in solar panels....and other energy saving devices.

"need to educate mums and dads that there is a lot of waste age and measures we can do to improve where we are spending our money when it comes to power." Said Ryan

Electrical contractor Ryan Maschotta installs the latest power saver to hit our shores....a voltage optimiser from the uk known as v phase..

"It's not magic.. been widely used worldwide.. voltage optimisation not a new thing on the market

what v phase dioes is trims that voltage down to a constant 220 ..in most cases..drop it by 20 to 30%." Said Ryan

Energy providers are required to provide a minimum supply of 240 volts...but by regulating the voltage down to a constant 220 volts....the actual wattage used by appliances and electrical fittings also reduces...without affecting their performance...so your consumption of electricity is lower ...and so is you bill...by around 10 to 15 per cent.

The v phase unit is easily installed and wired through existing power boxes.

So we asked Ryan to put the v phase to the test in Sharlene's home.....first checking the output on a range of appliances and fittings with the v phase unit switched off

At 240 volts without the v phase on . These are approximate running costs of 6 of sharlene's downlights....the main fridge.....a second fridge...the clothes dryer...electric kettle...and her plasma tv system on standby...and switched on.

With the v phase on...and running them at 220 volts .....the energy savings were significant....

Ranging from 10 per cent for the down lights....through to 17 per cent for the firdges...16 per cent for the clothes dryer...20 per cent on the kettle..16 per cent on the tv in standby mode..and 11 per cent on...

As for Jason bunting'...Ryan's company liberty saver is going to inspect his house to try and fix his huge problem...in the meantime he's calling for the public to rally against the power companies.