Pooch Parties

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's the latest party craze that's really set tails wagging. Just when you thought you'd seen everything along comes Traci Sacco, she's made a business out of entertaining our canine companions, Pampered Pooch Parties and Barkery Treats.

Today, it's Traci's pride and joy Pepsi who's celebrating and she's got everything you would expect for a 6-year old party. "We've got birthday cakes, cupcakes, sweet biscuits, we've got natural type biscuits, party foood, we've got our natural type biscuits, party food."

You may even be tempted to try some of this party fare yourself but be warned it's all specially made and has the "dog food" stamp of approval.

No birthday party's complete without a cake and this is no exception and no-one seems to mind the lack of manners.

Traci says "I have such a large range that there will be something for your dog"

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