Plastic Look Alikes

Reporter: Laura Sparks

They're sculpted, beautiful and picture perfect -- celebrities we read over...and wish we looked like. They're the perfect faces plastic and cosmetic surgeons commit to memory, names they hear constantly.

For 24-year-old Kate McBride, it's all about Hollywood actress Natalie Portman. "I think she's got a really beautiful, natural look", she said. She's visiting Dr Joseph Ajaka at Sydney's Cosmos Clinic to get that look. He's injecting dermal fillers under her eyes, cheeks and lips and using botox for her jaw and chin to achieve the Natalie Portman look. The total total cost is $2250 and it takes just half an hour. "I instantly feel like I'm plumper in the cheeks. I feel like I've got more energy and I'm not looking tired and rundown -- so I think its money well spent", Kate said.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Farah Merherhomji, also from Cosmos Clinic, says liposuction is their number one procedure. "Halle Berry's tummy, that's our number one request. People just love Jennifer Hawkins, in particular she's got great legs and people love to have liposuctin to try and get legs like hers", Dr. Merherhomji said.But the number one, most wanted celebrity body part is Angelina Jolie's lips and the good news is it's a reasonably easy procedure and one of the cheaper options in terms of copying the look.

"It costs about $800 and I think it's worth it because it makes me feel better and it just changes my face", said freelance hair stylist Juliana Marcs. Juliana gets her lips injected with filler every six to 12 months to recreate Angelina's famed pout. Plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Michael Miroshnik is asked daily by clients to recreate celebrities, favourites include Keira Knightley's cheekbones and jawline and Jessica Alba's nose, but Dr Miroshnik's most popular procedure is breast implant surgery. "When it comes to breasts, people mention Halle Berry and scarlett Johanssen. Someone like Giselle Bundchen is a real all-rounder -- people mention her butt, people mention her tummy, people mention her long legs and how it all seems to fit together and they want that in themselves", Dr. Miroshnik said.

So, what is the perfect face? We put two artists to the test -- sketch artist and Julian Ashton Art School head Paul Del Pratt and our own 7 Network's graphic designer Karlie Greenland. Both were armed with this list: For the woman -- Angelina Jolie's lips and eyes, Jessica Alba's nose, Keira Knightley's jaw and cheekbones and Giselle Bundchen's hair.

For the perfect man it was a mixture of the eyes, lips, chin and cheekbones of brad Pitt, Matthew Mcconaghey and Goerge Clooney and Tom Cruise's hair.But the surgeons have this word of warning to all patients wanting to copy a celebrity look. Dr. Miroshnik says, "It's important for them to manage their expectations and understand that no matter what we do, we can't exactly carbon copy that part" And Dr. Meher homji says, "You're not going to leave the office looking like Angelina Jolie, you're going to look like a better version of yourself".

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