Physio Cream

Reporter: Jasmine Homer

In the age of ping pong poms and angry asylum seekers it's good to hear that, for some people, Australia still is the land of opportunity.

Velimir Pajic is physiotherapist to the stars and the brains behind a new pain relieving wonder-balm that's taking the sporting world by storm.

20 years ago - he was a refugee. When Velimir came here from war torn Serbia, he had a couple of suitcases and 90 dollars in his pocket.

resh from medical school in Belgrade, Velimir was expecting to start a new life here as a doctor.

So, you can imagine his heartache at being told his qualification was worthless in Australia.

Velimir was still a student - treating sports teams - when he decided the anti-inflamatory, pain relieving creams he was working with just didn't cut it. He started mixing up his own. "Preservative free, artificial fragrance free, artificial colour free and is also drug and steriod free."

It's taken more than ten years, but Velimir's kitchen concoction - Velbexx 17 - is big business now. It's made in Albany and sent all over the country.

"The joints themselves come under a great deal of pressure from riding and running and swimming."

Mark Leavy is a triathlete and a convert.

Velimir says "When put together and concentrated to such a level of 60 per cent it really creates this particular product that is really effective, even in small volume. Velbexx 17 is really great for very powerful temporary relief from pain that is associated with arthritis but also with problems like sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, bruising, it's great for tight muscles."

Freddie Clutterbuck is a midfielder for East Perth.

"I injured my back on a Wednesday night and obviously the game was on a Saturday and I sort of couldn't walk or move much.So I received a bit of treatment every day from there with the Velbexx and managed to get up and play which was good. It sort of numbs, it takes the pain away but not only that it helps with the repair and recovery of it."

Velbexx 17 is the pain potion of choice at North Melbourne. Even the AFL's top team are fans.

"We got approached by the head physiotherapist Michael there and we sent some product there."

Velimir's balm is in demand on the Hopman Cup court where's he's become a familiar face. The rags to riches story of a grateful refugee. "I certainly absolutely love the fact that I came to Australia."

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