Perth Model

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's the lounge room today - but it could be the catwalk tomorrow. Perth teenager Latasha Crosbie is on the verge of that big break - she's already beaten around 1500 hopefuls to land a spot in the top 25 of Razzamatazz stockings search for it's new model.

"If i get in the top five i get flown to sydney to do a $3000 shoot with a famous sydney photographer" Latasha has been an amateur photographic model for a couple of years - she's got her mum to thank for that... now she's hoping to forge a career from modeling. "I'd like to hope so it is definately rewarding and defiately fun i have a great time with any photographer that i'm with so definately a good choice thankyou mum for getting me to go into this cos it's definately what i want to do"

What makes Latasha's story so remarkable is she's a real life ugly duckling who became a swan - as a kid Latasha was bullied for because of her looks. "I only ever really had 3 or 4 friends and everyone else just teased me cos i had freckles big teeth frizzy hair really bad fashion sense they all gave me a really hard time. School wasn't really that fun and teachers didn't do anything they said they would no tollerance for bullying in this communtiy they didn't really live up to their words that i was bullied constantly"

Latasha says the teasing was cruel... although now she can look back as see it for what it was, "Some of the ones i think back to them now and they're pretty funny like one of my favourites was freckle face fart machine constipated jelly bean i got offended by that someone tried to call me that now i'd probably walk away laughing"

Latasha or Chibbi as she's dubbed is hoping people on will get behind her and vote on-line to secure her spot in the top five... that will be decided on Sunday night. "Tthe winner will get about five grand and a one year modelling contract so it's pretty big. How are you feeling about it? Its' so different cos i was teased my whole life and only about two or three years ago i only started to discover what i can become so it's really different hearing people calling me pretty beautiful rather than ugly or gross looking"

Win or lose the eventeen year old now hopes is her story will give other victims of bullying strength. "My message would be don't take in what they say cos what they say looking back on it now and laugh freckle face fart machine i mean honestly i can't believe that i got offended by that so that any girl who gets teased will they will think back on that and go wow how could anyone come up with that it's so lame"

To vote for Latasha Crosbie "Chibbi" or any of the other models you need to be registered on Facebook and follow the following link