Pensioner Campaign

Reporter: David Richardson

"Well I am proud to put in personally $5,000 to Adopt a Pensioner to get the whole thing started." Says Dick Smith

And with a flick of his pen Dick Smith became the first businessman to donate to Adopt a Pensioner to kick start a campaign through corporate Australia.

"Pensioners are poor. pensioners are in terrible problems. surely people can dig deep for such an important cause." Says Dick

"We're gonna put up $5,000 from each of our properties." Says Larry

Tabcorp casino's donated $5,000 from each of their gambling houses

Star City in Sydney, Jupiters on the Gold coast, the Treasury casino in brisbane and Jupiters in townsville.

Tabcorp casino's CEO Larry Mullin.

"Great cause. people are out there hurting. we need to get some support and those who can should do what they can." Says Larry

The big three supermarkets have already provided food vouchers for our neediest Australians.

Woolies $5,000 worth

Coles $5,000 worth

IGA matching the big two

The response to today tonight's adopt a pensioner scheme has been quite simply over-whelming.,

Within hours of the launch last night, everyday Australians had donated 20-thousand dollars.

Now the big corporations have weighed in.

The combined pensioners and superannuants association has been flooded with calls.

But it's priority 3,000 of our neediest Already registered and desperate for help

"These 3000 people have been waiting since 2008 for a $50 grocery voucher. we often get calls from them still wondering whether or not enough donations have come through. so combined pensioners is ecstatic we are finally going to be able to give them a $50 card." says Charmaine

Policy co-ordinator with the Combined Pensioners and Superannuants association Charmaine Crowe has staff working around the clock .sending food vouchers out now they have the money.

"Look in terms of the number of pensioners we can assist after this 3000 it's going to be entirely dependent on the amount of donations we receive as a result of this program. depends if corportate australia is again willing to chip in to help fund this adopt a pensioner program and help out more pensioners with the $50 food voucher." Says Charmaine

And the donations kept rolling in from the big players

McDonald's promised $5,000

Myer gave us 40 gift cards worth $50 each a $2,000 contribution

Refund Home Loans another $5,000..

"I've given 5 grand but I'm a small organization compared to the big banks, they could certainly give a lot more and I think now is the time to do it, if we can give in a small way back to this part of society to say thank you, I think it's the least we can do." Says Wayne

Then NAB promised $10,000

"I think everyone should look at this and see what they can do. it's a very worthwhile initiative. We're glad to be part of it and we encourage others to have a look at what they can do as well" says George

Herb Eder turns his hot water service off 6-days a week having a hot shower on Sunday's only.

All his other power is off and he can't afford any treats when he goes shopping but he's the first to receive an Adopt a Pensioner gift card

And as the donations roll in more food vouchers will be sent out in the mail but it needs big companies to pitch in.

"I'm gonna say to corporate Australia look if I can put 5-grand in personally you can put 100-grand in, let's get our first 100-grand donation and lets see if we can raise a lot of money." Says Dick


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