Penny Pinchers

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo





As prices soar we're all looking for ways to save.

Julie Isitt, Margaret Fort and Maree Wrack are Perth's professional penny pinchers.

Now, they're turning thrifty into nifty careers teaching others how to save starting at the supermarket.

Stay at home mum Julie, is a DIY diva, "bread rolls, biscuits, sausage rolls muffins scones, sponge cake the whole lot you can make for a fraction of the cost" Everything from pastries to washing powder even household cleaning products.

She mixes amonia, wool wash, water and whaa-la. "That's it, and it costs me 14 cents to make. Does it do the job. Yes it does." Just minutes to make for massive savings. Julie says "at the end of the day if I can save $50 a week, thats $2500 a year"

Instead of spending Maree Wrack, is saving by the bucketload. A simple budget keeps the bucket topped up for when the bills come in. To help you stick to the budget, maree suggests following her seven secrets to savvy shopping.

Rule number one. Essentials first, Desirables next.

Secret tip number two. Research reaps reward.

Number three. Time the best bargains.

Fourth top tip. Cost versus value.

Tip five. Get the best deal everytime.

Secret number six. Reduce, re-use, recycle.

"For example, water we can have huge savings by having four minute showers instead of a six minute shower, with a house of three people that can save 72 litres of water a day" The equivalent of eight to nine litre buckets per day, almost three thousand buckets of water a year.

Secret seven. Love it, and leave it!

Margaret Fort is Perth's quokka queen a second hand style guru who loves to shop at op shops. Today she's taking us on a shopping spree at Salvo's a whizz around the racks and fifteen minutes later, Margaret's put together a designer collection and for less than fifty dollars an entire designer wardrobe.

Between them, our penny pinchers believe you can save thousands of dollars a year by following a few simple steps.

starve your supermarket by doing it yourself. Make a money bucket and use the seven steps to savvy shopping. and finally, make another persons trash your treasure.

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