Open House Perth

Reporter: Mark Gibson

It was our tallest building, standing as a symbol of the opulent 80s. But just 3 years after the tower opened, Alan Bond's empire crumbled. Twenty years on, we take you inside the secret penthouse way up the top, on the 51st floor. These days, it's a marketing office for Brookfield, the building's owner. But the doors to Bondy's old pad are being flung open for the first time, as part of Open House Perth, this weekend.

Victoria Thornton started Open House London back in 1992, ironically the same year Alan Bond went bankrupt.

It's a chance for people to check out buildings normally off limits to the public.

"Did you ever imagine when you started this whole thing 20 years ago it would be this big?"

"No I had no idea and it's fantastic, 24 cities around the globe."

You can take a squizz inside Parliament House, Government House, Council House. The beautifully restored heritage buildings that make up Brookfield Place. Lesser known gems like the Christian Science Church on St George's Terrace. You can even go inside the brand new Perth Arena, a week before Elton John hits the stage for the official opening. We're joining Open House cities like London, Barcelona and Melbourne.

"What can Perth people expect from Open House Perth? Well there's lots of buildings to see, just get out on the streets and actually go and enjoy your city."

"Now there's one part of this apartment that remains completely untouched. Any guesses? Well it starts with rhinoceros hide on the walls that should be a bit of a hint. Yes, it's Bondy's bathroom, complete with all the trappings from the 80s, the marble, the gold and when you come through here, the jacuzzi. What went on in there probably doesn't bear thinking about."

There are gold taps, hand rails and shower heads.. even a steam room. And yes, if only that spa could talk.

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