Oldies Internet

Reporter: Paul Makin

These are a bunch of seniors who refuse to let the grass grow under their feet.

That's why they are here to play on the information super highway and sitting in as co-pilot on their first flight into cyber space is sunrise gadget man Peter Blasina.

Bev Kardosa from Helping Hand reckons aged care is more than just a nursing home environment. "Its not just about satisfying their care needs it's about lifstyle and socialising and things like that and we feel strongly that technology and the internet is a great way of reducing isolation and lonelyness ..it's a great way to keep in touch with your family"

But you've got to crawl before you can walk.

Pete says "the main block is that they haven't grown up with the technology"

We get calls all the time at Today Tonight from people who say oh i can't check out that story because i'm not on the internet ..i'm far too old...I'm seventy seven and i'm past it ...What do you say? I say nothing could be further from the truth because you've got the time to actually do it"

And the young ones are anxious to step up and help and while surfing the net is fun. There are predators the seniors need to know about.

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