NQR Shopping

Reporter: Jackie Quist

It's the start of a new era for discount supermarket chain NQR -- already famous for saving Victorian shoppers up to 80% off groceries, the once fledging clearance chain is now a national force to be reckoned with. "Our sales have been phenomenal over the last six months 12 months and its growth year on year, exceptional sort of numbers double digit and its terrific in the current climate", said NQR boss, Graeme Holman.

So successful Graeme has launched an online supermarket -- from today NQR bargains are available nationally. At NQR's Melbourne headquarters new products arrive daily and it's here staff pack online orders which are then couriered directly to your door -- online bargains which include Cadbury Clusters for 99 cents; at Coles they're $4 or 75% dearer; Vitaweat multi packs are $2.99 and at Woolies $5.36 - that's a saving of $2.37. "In our stores we've got 4,500 products but online we've got up and running around 140 prods -- but we're adding to that daily", Graeme said.

The online range consists of non-perishable pantry staples .plus treats and snacks perfect for school lunches and heavily discounted as stock might be end of line, surplus, have packaging errors or be too close to 'use by' for the big supermarkets. With six children to feed Michelle Osterman pares her grocery bill down to $150 a week by shopping mostly at NQR. "It means we can have little treats maybe a little holiday every now and then with the money we save so its really beneficial for everybody", Michelle said.

Shopping at NQR online saves an average 40% on your grocery bill. For instance six pantry staples on the NQR site total just $12.34; at Coles online pay $21.19, while Woolies charge $21.62. Of course the sting can be in delivery fees. "In the metro area around Melbourne is a flat fee of $8 at this stage until we gauge what the actual cost structures are. In the interstate area we offer the Australia Post delivery service. I'd estimate around $15 for a typical basket for deliveries", Graeme said.

"It's probably quite a savvy time for them to jump on this bandwagon and see how they go", said IBISworld's Edward Butler. Edward says competition will stem from Catch of the Day's Grocery Run spot sales rather than Coles and Woolies online. "I think they service a very, very different market. Coles and Woolies have a huge variety of products that targets everyone all the time -- NQR are much more specific", Edward said. With consumer spending down retailers are pulling out all stops. Coles are trialling their drive-through groceries concept "Click and Collect" -- order online then pick up on your way home from your local servo. Woolies are watching the scheme closely.

For NQR it's all about feeding struggling families cheaply in tough economic times. "Everything's going up -- all the services, fuel prices, everything else - there's no abatement in that area, so if we can offer some sort of savings on a typical grocery buy, week on week, then it's got to be win for the customer and for our consumer", Graeme said.

For further information visit the website at: www.nqronline.com.au