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Lose up to 3 kilograms a week - Dr Pierre Dukan's dramatic NEW attack on weight allows you to eat UP .... but keep shedding the kilos ... STAYING slim.

"100 foods eat as much as you want, at the beginning they don't understand, they don't believe it." Said Dr Pierre Dukan

24 million people in 20 countries have followed the Dukan Diet, launched 40 years ago in Paris by medical practitioner and nutritionist, Dr Dukan. Kate Middleton stays slim on it. So do super-bods like Giselle Bunchen and singer Jennifer Lopez. Now for the first time, Dr Dukan reveals the 100 foods and recipes - his secret weapons for fighting fat.

"You feel well in your clothes and you feel well in your health. You feel like everything is ok and you want to get in this new body." Said Dr Dukan

Sue Armstrong lost 21 kilos in 5 months on the Dukan diet. She's going through the 4 stages, Attack phase, 3 to 7 days on just protein, water and oatbran; then Cruise introducing unlimited vegetables with protein; Consolidation phase adds wholegrain bread, fruits, cheeses, wine and 2 celebration meals a week. Last is Stabilization to achieve permanent weight loss. Sue's now spurred on to follow the 100 foods he recommends.

Nutritionist, Kristen Beck prepared some of the new Dukan diet 100 foods recipes made from 72 animal and plant proteins, 28 vegetables. There's even a hearty beef burger - the bun's made from oatbran, eggs, lite cheese and baking soda. The key ... keep it LEAN.

"You can actually look at this meat and see that there is no fat at all. All of these foods are absolutely high in protein and protein is what makes you eat less and lose weight." Said Kristen Beck

The kebab recipe doesn't use oil."

No, for example just cooking with onions and water, simple as that. (pours water over onions in pan, it cuts out so much of the oil and fat content.

So it's a recipe for losing weight." Said Kristen


bacon, cream and cheese are in the 100 foods list, but LOW fat.

Women's Health magazine Editor, Felicity Harley says "ultimately for long-term success you need self-discipline with this diet but also coupled with daily exercise, and this will keep the weight off for life."

Dr Dukan says the diet only works if you go through all 4 stages the last one, the Stabilization phase where every Thursday you eat only protein, is essential for keeping the weight off - And keep on the move. Don't forget the daily walk!

100 Eat As Much as You Want Foods

by Dr Pierre Dukan

Published by Hodder and Stoughton, $29.99.

also available as an ebook

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* Kristen Beck

Registered Nutritionist (RN042)


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* Women's Health magazine

Editor: Felicity Harley