Never Look Fat Again

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

As far as catchy book titles go - "How to never Look fat Again" sounds too good to be true. One woman claims to have the secret to looking kilos thinner without hitting the treadmill. It's as simple as dressing thinner.

"You don't have to kill yourself with diet and exercise you don't have to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Madonna real women don't have the resources to do that" says Charla Krupp. "I wanted to give real women the tricks they need, the trick every fashion editor knows by heart."

If you've ever had a "fat day" New York stylist turned best-selling author Charla Krupp has this message: "It's not you it's your clothes"

Even those with personal trainers and chefs on speed dial can get it wrong.

Forget high fat and low fat foods, according to Charla we need to worry about high fat clothes.

If you're worried about your hips and back side, stick to dark colours on the bottom and avoid short, flouncy skirts at all costs.

"If you have a big bootie you are not going to wear a big dutchess satin skirt you are going to wear a black or navy or brown pencil skirt because that's going to make you have your best butt ever."

Call it a "buddha belly" or a muffin top - the solution to "middle management" issues starts with good shape wear.

"If you want to look as thin as possible you need to suck in and slurp up and hide the fat!"

"You don't want to wear a short top where the muffin top will hang out and you don't want to wear a super low riding jean you are going to have a muffin top spill over the waist band."

Choose a higher waisted jeans with plain pockets.

"You really have to watch the pockets you want a clean jean that has absolutely nothing, no logos, no nothing, keep it dark denim boot cut or straight cut. If you wear skinny pants you need to be skinny."

The fat free option: always a black dress with black stockings and black shoes.

This will hide all your issues, you don't have to worry about tops and bottoms, a dress is a great piece, zip em up zip em off and your done."

Women who are top heavy should throw out turtle neck jumpers.

"Turtle neck sweaters are really difficult to wear because they give you no neck, women who are broad you want to show the skin on your décolletage, so you want a V neck or a scoop neck or a round neck you don't want to cover up in a turtle neck."

Charla is big on support.

"Bras are the number one thing if you want to look thinner on top a lot of women are sagging way to low - they haven't bought a bra in years."

Unless you are blessed with perfect pins stay away from ankle straps and gladiator sandals that cut off the leg.

"If you want really long lean legs wear a monochrome shoe it's a really great trick in the winter you want to wear a black tight with a black shoe."

Beige or neutral shoes are the most flattering on tanned legs.

"I think fake tan is very important remember the theory dark equals thinner so the darker your legs are the thinner you look."

What are the absolute disasters for people who have flabby arms?

"Don't wear a tank top and don't wear a halter top and don't wear a top that really show your upper arms off. What you want to do is wear a billowy bishop sleeve or full sleeve that is really chic right now or always wear a little cardigan, or a jacket and keep those arms covered."

Use jewellery to distract the eye.

"Bracelets like a stack of bangles is a really good way to hide upper arm jiggle because everyone is looking at your wrist."

The best accessory is confidence.

"Have the confidence to show your shape… if you're a size 18 you still have an hour glass shape so lets see it!"

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