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Reporter: Francesca Belperio

"They help us with our concentration, with our energy, with our moods, balancing our moods" and we have over a hundred of them in our bodies hormones they can help you or harm you. "On a daily basis I'm seeing women and men who have fatigue, are stressed are battling weight issues, hair loss they'll notice they've got symptoms of aging or premature aging."

Tania Ham just five months ago was 26 kilos heavier and four dress sizes larger. "I was about an 18-20 and now I'm a 12, sometimes I can get into a 10."It's thanks to a weight loss program that's based around the belief that obesity is caused by a hormone imbalance which can be detected by a simple blood test. Tanya says "The program works on balancing those chemicals in the body so the body loses weight on its own without having to exercise or counting calories"

"By following the program within a week you have the insulin under control and the body then the craving goes away you feel satisfied after a meal and the body releases the fat." Rosemary Bird from the cohen's lifestyle clinic says by analysing blood the doctor can see how your body stores fat. Then he prescribes a diet that balances your insulin levels. The most influential hormone. "It's just normal food, no injections, diet pills tonics, just normal food it's just learning to eat it differently. Myself I did the program 10 years ago and in 17 weeks I lost 35 kilos"

For Tania, starting the cohen's diet was a challenge but months later... She not only looks and feels better but is less reliant on her thyroid medication. "I think now I'm at a good level with my body with my chemicals so I think now my body is working as it should so I can stop taking those medications."

44-year-old mother Sonja Murphy thought she was too young to be experiencing menopause. A trip to her local naturopath proved she was right... But there was something wrong. "I went to the naturopath and had a saliva test and saw that my estrogens level was very, very high. Personally I thought I was too young to take hormone replacements so I thought if I could do something else before I got to that stage."

Naturopath Kasey Yates presecribed a new natrual supplement to balance sonja's oestrogen levels. She says there's now ample evidence about the benefits of products containing sulforaphane found in broccoli sprouts. "Research has proven that solphorophine helps increase the detoxification process and helps balance hormone metabolism. "

Still one of the most popular treatments in australia is hormone replacement therapy. While Kasey says it's suitable for some... Many women and men have success doing it naturally. "Drugs will always come with side-effects, sometimes with more problems than the actual symptoms themselves that a patient is experiencing. " As a start Kasey suggests eating more raw fruit and veg, cutting back caffeine and processed foods, exercising regularly and de-stressing... In extreme cases seek professional help.

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