My Kitchen Rules

Reporter: Graeme Butler

"Emma and Andrew you are unfortunately eliminated from the competition", they were the words Perth contestants Emma and Andrew knew were coming but didn't' want to hear. Last night Andrew and Emma's fortunes hung on every dish served up by Peter and Gary... an entree that didn't hit the mark and a desert that was the crème de la crème according to Manu but not Emma's cup of tea. But it was some strategic play by Victorian contestants Thomas and Carla earlier that was the real bitter pill to swallow.

"We don't blame Thomas and Carla strategic score for us losing it was a bad night in the kitchen it was certainly disappointed they did that and we certainly didn't help matters by putting some blood in the water so to speak by making some pretty big mistakes but that was disappointing but we don't blame them" They say revenge is dish best served cold but according to Andrew there's nothing to serve. While the run on MKR wasn't as long as Andrew and Emma had hoped - their instant restaurants have made them instant celebrities.

Andrew says what people don't fully appreciate is just how hectic the show really i, and while there may have been dramas in the kitchen - Andrew says it's not until you're actually in the middle of it- you really understand the pressure cooker of competition cooking on My Kitchen Rules. "I've tried to explain i can't i can't explain it you have to sign up get through the process do it and then you'll understand and even the other contestants who hadn't cooked yet and then suddenly everyone got this look over their face oh i get it now"

Today Channel Seven announced it's commissioned a fourth series of My Kitchen Rules and they're looking for more W.A teams - Andrew says they may be the first out but they still had a great time.

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