Miracle Fashion

Reporter: Sally Obermeder

This season, celebrity stylist Wendy Mak says that all you need is one miracle dress...

"Forget spending hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on lots of dresses, this one dress will give you an entire wardrobe!" Said Wendy

Lingerie powerhouse Victoria's Secret has created a multi-way dress that can be worn 25 ways...in any season...

"It goes from a top to a skirt to a dress to a mini, long sleeve, half sleeve, one sleeve, no sleeves, strapless, halter, I could just go on forever." Said Wendy

And it won't burn a hole in your pocket...

"Miracles do come cheap, this dress retails for around $90, and with 25 looks, that's less than $4 an outfit!" Said Wendy

No matter what your size or shape, a little wardrobe trickery never goes astray..

"As you can see, the lighter colour on the inside and the darker, black on the outside really gives her that hourglass figure, it chops in on some of that waist, leaves out her hips, and even takes out some of the thighs, and it really, really slims you down." Said Nadahl Stelio

Cylk's illusion dress is designed to give you that model figure without the hours at the gym...

CocoLee's fashion director...Nedahl Stelio says "Illusion dressing can actually give you different shapes so it can make you lose weight, you can suddenly have a waist that you've never had before." Said Nedahl

Illusions don't stop there....these power mesh dresses use colour and in-built panels to nip and tuck where you need it the most...

Sunday Telegraph's fashion director, Elle Halliwell says "this is an illusion dress, so you've got the white area at the top which accentuates women's kind of bust area, and the darker colour down the bottom makes your thighs and hip area, which we all hate, look a little bit trimmer and it gives the illusion of having an hourglass figure. The great thing about this dress though, it's in-built with this stuff called power mesh, it's basically like an in-built pair of spanx or control underwear - so it sucks in all of this stomach area, your hips, your bum, and it's just from about below the bust line to your thigh area, so it gives that beautiful illusion of gorgeous hourglass curves." Said Elle

Elle also explains that "Another illusion that this dress provides is in this ruched area here, all of this kind of ruched area gives a bit of a distraction, it basically makes you look a size smaller, just because it's got that gathering here, it hides all your lumps and bumps." Said Elle

Designer of the power mesh dress, Brooke Daniels knows all too well the problem areas that women try to hide....

"Women always tell me that they would love to wear fitted wear but they're so self-conscious about their stomach, bust, thigh area, so we decided to insert power mesh lining into our fitted dress so it's got that control underneath, it's comfortable, it's cool, it sculpts, and women feel their absolute best. This dress accentuates all our great attributes, while diminishing our tiny flaws, it's the dress for everyone." Said Brooke

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