Million Dollar Makeover

Reporter: Mark Gibson

Renovating.. it's a word that sends chills down a home owner's spine.. unless you've met Perth's million dollar makeover queen, Sasha deBretton.

"We can create a new home for the clients as well as change their lifestyle and also increase their wealth which is my big passion to shoot the property prices up in Perth and reverse those downward trends."

Step inside this South Perth mansion and you see what Sasha's on about. The kitchen has gone from country colonial.. to modern and sleek. The loungeroom used to look like this.. now, it's like stepping into a Parisian palace. The master bedroom has been turned around to maximise the view. The en suite has a completely new, contemporary look.And wait til you see the transformation downstairs.

Yes, here's the proof it WAS a bathroom, now a child's bedroom, bringing all three kids' rooms downstairs.

With stunning views, this place was already worth two and a half million dollars.. before Sasha and her team moved in. The total renovation cost 750 thousand dollars, but it was worth it. Over in Floreat, another daggy house in a good suburb.

"It was very dated, we had old bathroom tiles falling off the wall, shower screens didn't work, we had stained carpets, scratched wooden floors, everything." Vicky Ho wanted a Balinese-style tropical paradise.. and she got it. Outside suddenly became a place the family could enjoy.

Inside, the transformation was amazing, from the bedrooms to the bathrooms, this entire renovation took just three weeks. "And I just was blown away, I have never seen my house looking like that before ever." They spent just over half a million dollars.. but the value of the home shot up.

With property prices in a slump, real estate agent Samantha Payne says many Perth families are choosing renovating over selling. "A lot of people like to live in the older, federation type properties with the wooden floor boards and things like that, they want to keep those natural features but they still want to live in a comfortable home and they want their nice kitchens and bathrooms and you can incorporate the two together so that sort of aspect is where a lot of people have made a lot of money."

The main renovating traps include time and cost blow outs and a whole lot of stress. Sasha DeBretton has made a lot of money transforming other people's homes, through her business, Million Dollar Makeovers. Why move, she says, when you can renovate, increase your equity and reinvest. "Everybody wants a dream home but the fact that they can make such an incredible amount of wealth is a huge benefit to the client." Vicky says "When you've got equity in your home you can use that equity towards other things so we've actually gained 350 extra thousand that we never had."

Sasha says "As long as you've got the right strategy you will always make money through renovation."

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