Mediterranean Diet Pill

Reporter: David Richardson

The facts:

50% lowering of early death rates

83% reduction in diabetes

9% reduction in developing Parkinson and Alzheimer

6% reduction in cardio vascular disease and death from cancer.

Ranked the second best diet for weight loss.

Its no wonder the Greeks are so happy.

"It's not just living longer - its having a better quality of life."

Ever wonder why Mediterranean's live so long? Look so good? And the whole so well? "This is your typical Greek diet; lots and lots of seafood, lots of fish, it gives you your Omega 3, fatty acids, lots of vegetables, red vegetables in particular, fruit, the actual olive, olive oil, everything is cooked in olive oil and the red wine - a high antioxidant meal here. I'll be 46 next week. And I probably feel about 30 - 35."

Max and Demetra have enjoyed both the youthful properties of the Mediterranean diet and its weight loss benefits. "If you love food, eat the right food, everything in moderation and I think that's what the Mediterranean diet is. You have everything but everything in moderation."Max tried the western diet and the Mediterranean diet...and he knows which one works: "When I got back on the Mediterranean diet I lost about 12 kilos in 3 months."

Twice the amount of people on the island of Sardinia off the coast off Italy live to see their 100th birthday compared to western countries. Now one Australian company claims you can get all the benefits of the diet in this pill. "What we've done, what were excited about is we've been able to encapsulate the key essential components of the Mediterranean diet being the olive polyphenyls, the olygomerics of red wines and the Omega 3's of fatty fish - we've encapsulated those 3 essential ingredients into one single capsule. " The Mediterranean diet pill is being introduced to Australia by Brett Ditchfield from Phytologics. "But if you only eating small amounts of fish per week, if you're not a good red wine drinker, if you're not having 30ml to 40ml of olive oil on a daily basis, this capsule gives you the capacity to get some of the benefit of the med diet on a regular basis in a capsule you would take daily." he says."

Professor Minas Coreneo noticed something very strange about the eye sight of his 80 plus patients on one of the Greek isles. I opened a clinic, this macular degeneration condition than I would have expected to have seen in population that age - over 60 people in a nursing home with an average of 90 and only one of them had any significant macular degeneration." He saw first hand the effects the Greek diet had on these people. "The theory is that Mediterranean diets suppress inflammation in the body and inflammation is bad for you, and particularly this low grade chronic inflammation that's responsible for not just eye disease but heart disease and strokes and all of the other things and maybe even cancer for people in the west."

Greek born food scientist George Kokkinis supports the Mediterranean diet pill as a supplement for those who can't cook like our Cretan cousins. "You can never replicate the full spectrum of nutrients of fruit and vegetables but what has been done with this pill is concentrated the anti-oxidants, the ones the research has shown to be extremely beneficial."

The Mediterranean diet pill will be available in Australia from September the 8th.

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