Reporter: Francesca Belperio

It's getting royal praise for its healing properties. It's an exotic and little known fruit grown in south east asia called mangosteen. Tim Mcgrath discovered the power of mangosteens after his wife began drinking the juice and found it eased her osteo-arthritis pain.

That was four years ago now his mangosteen products have helped thousands of people across the country who claim the fruit extract has cleared up everything from arthritis, skin infections and even type 2 diabetes. "we've had people with diabetes, it lowers the blood sugar levels, we've had people, many people with different strains of arthritis, reflux, prostate problems, these are real people, these are people that make these claims that actually had the product and it works for them."

When mum of two tanya ptiman was struck down with ross river virus, she thought she'd never recover until she met tim. "a huge, a huge difference, i was able to be with my children again, without having help all the time." There's mountains of scientific evidence that proves mangosteens have anti-inflammatory properties - it's so compelling that scientists around the world are researching its healing affects on more serious diseases like skin cancer.

Phd student Jin Jin Wang's award winning research on mangosteen proves mangsoteen properties have the potential to cure skin cancer it's since been published in an international science journal. The secret lies in what's called the xanthones found in the pericarp and husk of the fruit - xanthones are super strength anti-oxidants that have healing properties. Research supervisor doctor barbara sanderson says the research is so promising that there's now commercial interest to develop a therapeutic formula using mangosteen but it could still be a while away.

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