Madonna's Nanny

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

To the world she's a mega-star to her four children, she's a Mum. Nanny to the stars Angela Jacobsen has lived inside Madonna's inner sanctum. Angela cared for little David Banda, the son Madonna adpoted from Malawi, she was his constant companian for eighteen months.Little david is now a super cute six year old and it's been almost three years, since Angela left behind, the Material Girl's world.

Is it harder being a nanny when your living in a fish bowl? "yeah definately, i found it much more difficult just with the security presence and what have you, i did my job the same as i would for anybody but there was definaetly a lot more pressure and I definately prefer to work for non famous people." But her time with the Queen of pop, has opened doors, Angela has her own business, recruiting nanny's for the celebrities she's met around the world and she's even in talks for her own tv show, as an Australian version of the Super Nanny.

She's now somewhat a celebrity in her own right, in Perth, to promote her own book, Baby Love. "No matter how rich you are whether your single parent or 2 parents, children are tough, theres nothing easy about them and you dont get a guide with them" While she's left her famous family behind, they're never far from her mind.

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