Lyme Family

Reporter: Francesca Belperio

When Tennille and Richard Pooley started their family little did they know they would be spreading an insidious disease.

But nobody could tell Tennille what was wrong despite mothers instinct telling her otherwise. The once vivacious property renovator started experiencing mysterious symptoms and noticing them in her children.

After years of being misdiagnosed by local GP's, neurologists even psychologists Tenille was forced to do her own investigating finally one doctor reluctantly agreed to have her bloods tested in the us for Lyme disease the results returned positive.

Lyme is caused by ticks which attach themselves to the skin, drawing out blood and releasing toxic bacteria symptoms begin with a fever and headaches but it can lay dormant and years later it can spread to the nervous system that's what happened to T enille she has no idea when or where she was bitten but she's now confined to a wheelchair. But most medicos don't believe it exists in Australia. And that's part of the problem. Hundreds of people are testing positive to Lyme some of whom have never left the country.

Now there's proof that an entire Adelaide family has Lyme disease. Dad Richard is thought to have contracted it first sexually transmitting it to Tenille who passed it onto their four children -Yasmin 13 , 10-year-old Imogen, Charlize 8 and even their 3-year-old toddler Phoenix.

Doctor Peter Mayne is one of few Australian doctors who believe Lyme disease is here and can be spread by local ticks. He's now treating the Pooley family and they're not alone. In the past the NSW health department has refused to accept Lyme exists relying on research from 20 years ago but now a backflip the department has agreed to review its strict stance and testing ironically the SA health department still refuses to accept it's here Doctor Mayne is not convinced.

The Pooley family has already spent more than $15,000 on testing and treatments mum and kids have now begun taking herbal medicines and anti-biotics in the hope that it will beat the bugs once and for all.

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