Loud Ads

Reporter: Rodney Lohse

They're the outside voices nagging for attention inside your lounge room, we've had regulations in Australia since 2002 and this week the United States-has just decided to follow suit and clamp down too

But many in Australia still believe our ads especially the annoying ones are too loud and more regulation is needed

According to Professor Robert Crawford from University of Technology Sydney there's no chance because believe it or not you can govern volume but not how loud something is sounds crazy.

Australia's Advertising guru Simon Reynolds now operates from the United States he says if you have use volume to be heard above the pack your ad is not going to communicate with consumers the best are subtle simple and clever

Darren Davidson is the editor of Ad News. He believes commercials no longer have to be loud to grab your attention. Or live and die with television broadcasts. The internet has seen an explosion of viral advertising, where you can run an ad, and let the viewer's spread it for you. And it's no surprise the twenty billion dollar alcohol industry does it best

"The most searched ad online this year was Strongbow, it had the cool credentials, the song from a kiwi band the naked and the famous, the same time the ad was very well executed, it was quite intriguing, that element of surprise in it, snow in a summer setting, in had these important cool credentials that tap into young audiences. It was very effective people saw the ad on TV, then went online and then watched it and shared it with their friends, that was a great example of an ad that worked well on TV, but in the digital world as well."

But while we all claim to hate the dreaded 'Loud Ad' One of the louder and more annoying commercials of 2011, was also one of the favourites

Coles have had a fantastic year they had the down down ad which is a spin on the 60's classic song. first of all it's a really memorable catchy tune it's very cheesy and cliché ridden, it's quite down market but it's so highly effective it really taps into consumer fears which is getting good value for money and getting enough money in your pocket at the end of the week

While the winners were clear, according to Ad news. So was the loser.

This offering from Vodafone- Out for a duck

"What they've come out with doesn't quite cut the mustard it's an ad featuring Michael Clarke the very young new captain of the Australian cricket team he was seen nonsensically talking about trying to cut an onion in the kitchen and for some reason turns to twitter and the nation to find out how to cut an onion which isn't really the most reassuring message about the brand and the leader of the national cricket team it's got some terrible background music."

At the end of the day, whether it's good, bad, or ugly, an ad, is still an ad

"For a lot of people advertising is an intrusion whether it's on TV, online or in the press and I guess they respond to it in different ways for some people it's just going out to the loo during the ad break for other people it's turn down the volume, for the advertisers that's the worst thing because you want people to watch your ads."

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