Little Sparrows

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

On the red carpet in Rome, it's a WA cast and crew that steal the show. In the movie industry, this is a fairytale. It's not everyday, a low budget feature film from Perth wins accolades alongside hollywood heavyweights Martin Scorcese, Eva Mendez, and Julianne Moore.

Director Camille Chen, filmed "little sparrows" in just nineteen days, "great achievement comes from great risk, we were taking great risk" Jason Thomas's cinamatography has been praised by producers across the country. you've probably seen his pictures before this is Jason behind the camera for Channel Seven. "Your taught to work fast which is critical on set, and also your intuitive and you act on instinct"

Perth theatre, film and tv star Nicola Barlett, plays the lead part, incredibly, the actors all worked without scripts. "What this project offered was the chance to just improvise"

Now audiences around the world will see it too, just days before it's debut in Rome 'little sparrows' was picked up by a US distributor, for cinema release in the States. Camille says "i got a text from a sales agent that said were close to signing a deal, we just need to get the okay on the basic terms ... and I just felt like wow this is a dream, wake up, wake up"

Since returning to Perth they're the toast of the town finalists in five film awards across the country up against big budget productions like Nicole Kidman's Rabbit Hole.

A mining executive, Peter Thomas backed the film financially "i figured mining industry has people with money, film industry has a great product and needs people with money"

The budget wasn't big so they begged and borrowed shooting scenes in strangers living rooms, and random restaurants.

Nicola even agreed to getting a real tattoo, on screen. Yet despite it's international success, the perth drama is yet to be sold to Australian cinemas in the meantime, Camille is already making, her next masterpiece.

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