Liquid Facelift

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

A facelift in an hour, shaving the years away. It seems impossible, but fantasy is now reality. Tonight we reveal the incredible transformations, and the latest procedure. There's no surgery or ugly bruising afterwards.Jen Anderson is 53 and single, her son is about to get married and she wants to look good at the wedding.

"Once I hit 45, I've noticed in the last 8 years in particular that I've aged quite dramatically.""So what do you want changed?""Probably a brighter look take away get rid of this, I hate this under the neck, lift this a little bit. Because the inside of me still feels quite young and vibrant but on the outside the face isn't showing that anymore." "I don't expect to look like I did when I was 30 but just to look like I did 8 to 10 years ago would be great. I'm not expecting huge miracles but you never know."

Jen's about to embark on the latest technique to turn back the ageing clock."I've got pictures when I was 35 that show me with that really great jawline. I want it back, bring back to the jaw!"And that's exactly the plan says Cosmetic specialist Nicky Belle from Face Today. She's the first in the country to offer the procedure. It's called the natural liquid lift and it's all done in the chair. The patient wide awake, no operation necessary. The results? A rescuplted younger face. The secret ingredient is an old favourite... restylane.

"I'm going to inject restylane to restore the natural curves in the face to give lift and restructure" explains Belle."But restylane has been around for a long time hasn't it? What's new about this?""What we've done in the past is use a ml to maybe play with the lips, a little bit in lines here and there, what we're doing is restoring the shape of the face by using multiple syringes up to 10 mls to recreate the youth of the face"

"In an hour I can do a few little lifts, a few little tweaks, remolding, resculpting and you can basically walk out looking 10 years younger."The process takes an hour. "The main market is people when they're 40, 50 yes they want to stay fresh, they're at their peak of career, they want to keep their jobs, lets keep them looking fresh"

52-year-old Linda Morrison can vouch for that. She loves her new look."People always say to me you look really rested have you had surgery? I couldn't believe how much it had lifted my face in such a short amount of time and what a big difference it had made. My friends are say I am looking ten years younger than I am. Generally people don't believe I am 52."

On average it costs $1700, not cheap, but it lasts 12 to 18 months. Linda is hooked."It can be done so quickly and so easily and there is no down time you are not having to have weeks off work recovering from surgery, you can basically walk in and walk out""Although fillers are a cheaper option, $1000, $2000 initially if they do need to be repeated 4 or 5 times over 10 years they may turn out to be more expensive than having a facelift" says Dr Jeremy Hunt from the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. He says while the risks are minimal, the worst being bruising and possible infection, the liquid facelift ISN'T suited to older women."Fillers are generally more appropriate for a younger age group where the sign of facial ageing are not as significant. Once people have reached the point where tissue has started to drop due to gravity they are going to be better suited to a surgical procedure like a facelift"

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