Lady Luck

Reporter: Graeme Butler

You name it Joanne Bowen has won it. The mum of three is Perth's competition queen and she's won a fortune in prizes. Joanne says she wins on average about two competitions a week, some prizes are small but there's also been some crackers along the way. "They're absolutely things that often money can't buy, they're the meet and greets at concerts and things like that so even if you had the money you couldn't buy a lot of these prizes but it certainly has given us life's little luxuries along the way"

It goes on and on, she's won a car, an ipad and a plasma TV. The two microwaves in the kitchen were prizes- the coffee machine, the knives. In this household winning is a family affair. Isabelle and Sophie have joined the competition craze. "So many people just give up or don't think they can do it we've learned so much about entering competitions and how to do things I'm really grateful that we're the sort of family that have go into that sort of thing"

Joanne spends about 12 hours a week entering competitions and that's one of the keys to winning, you have to be persistent. "I enter everything that i want to and the ones where you have to buy something I'm a definite believer that you don't have to buy a lot of something I won a trip to London with tea and i had to buy some tea I think I bought 2 or 3 it wasn't very many and put them in" After years of raking in the winnings, Joanne has written an on-line book with her tips on how to become a competition champion she says anyone can learn how to increase their odds. "Probably my favourite are the 25 words or less which are the ones a lot of people try to avoid because they don't think they're very good at it and probably at the beginning I wasn't very good at it but it's a learnable thing you get better you hone your skills, definitely a teachable thing"

Supermarket aisles, product packages and magazines are all jammed packed with chances to win. The competitions are usually marketing campaigns aimed at getting you to try new products; Joanne says she's happy to play that game if it means a chance at winning. "I will also shift brands of a product if i buy a certain cereal and another cereal is running a competition I just switch cereals I won't spend a lot of money I have heard of competition people in the past buying hundreds of jars of something I think I would be too depressed If I bought all of that and didn't win" According to Joanne anyone can win big at competitions its' just a case of giving it a go. "I go by what i call the four P's which is planning, persistence, patience and a positive attitude."

Joanne's website has details of her on-line book.