Kitchen Appliances

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

They're tools of the trade; gadgets to bake, shake, flame, plane, mix and you've seen them on cooking shows now they're in family kitchens across the country. Rob Broadfield says "great cooking shows like Matserchef and My Kitchen Rules, they're seeing these great appliances, they're seeing how easily they're applied and they're wanting it in their own kitchens"

Tonight famous Perth foodies demonstrate their top ten must-haves, Perth's My Kitchen Rules best buddies Holly and Grace and The West Australian's Food critic, and qualified chef, Rob Broadfield. "The appliances were going to look at are the sort of appliances that will make you a Master Chef in your own kitchen"

Rob starts our appliance master class with a kitchen comeback, the slow cooker. "We used to call these things croc pots these days of course it's called a slow cooker very trendy at the moment everyone is getting one" We found them priced between thirty and two hundred dollars, depending on the brand. "You can kick off a meal in the morning before you go to work, out it on slow temperature, by the time you get home 8 hours later or whatever you've got a beautiful casserole rich with juices" As for the perfect roast Rob's tip is a Meat Thermometer it shows if the meat is rare, medium or well done without cutting into it. "These are just bullet-proof, they cost $30 and they make everyone a star in the kitchen" We found them priced between $7 and $40 dollars.

Now, from meat to mixing with the Kitchen Aid Mix Master. Rob says "it's made to very heavy commercial tolerances made by a company in America and it's very very heavy, it's almost unbreakable the kitchen aid" It's got loads of attachments today Rob's using the whisk to whip up meringue with egg white and sugar" We found them priced at $630 dollars online and up to $730 in stores.

Now a home chefs dream machine the thermomix. Rob says "they heat, they whip, they beat, they do everything, and the blurb says it collapses all your appliances into one" The blades are incredibly sharp turning sugar into snow.Now for a dream dessert, Rob says "I'm going to make you a mango and lime sorbet, this is how hard it is ... that goes in there, and that goes in there" Add ice, egg whites, and presto a sorbet in just sixty seconds, but it's big bucks, just under two grand available only by party plan or online.

Next a star on Master Chef, the microplane, lemon even tough ginger. We found 32 cm microplanes for $30 online up to $50 in stores. "Once they've been aired on television we are getting people walking through the door" Here at Kitchen Warehouse Chris Murphy can barely keep up with demand created by cooking shows, "predominantly the blow torch, kitchen aid, pasta maker they've been really good sellers the last few weeks"

Holly's pasta was a hit on My Kitchen Rules and this is her pride and joy. She feeds a dough of flour and egg through the machine and wallah fettuccini. We found them priced between $60 and a $150 dollars. Next Grace turns up the heat with a blow torch, it's been selling out across the country the only way, to crème brulee. We found them from $30 to $90 dollars.

From blow torch to bakewear, Grace says "I can't live without my silicon bakewear" no greasing, or baking paper needed mini muffins that won't stick. Prices vary depending on size and brand. Grace says "I think a lot of appliances just help time wise" Like this kitchen whiz the stick mixer. Holly says "just makes it all so easy, whack it all in and presto your done" Holly whizzes up a mango smoothie in seconds. We found several brands and a big difference between prices from $40 to almost $300 dollars.

Now, for our final product and kids' favourite the ice cream maker. Grace simply pours in the mixture pops on the lid and flips the switch then back in the freezer. "Give it a couple of hours and we've got ourselves home made ice cream" We found them for as little as $30 dollars online, and up to $800, for the Rolls Royce. So there they are Holly, Grace, and Rob's hottest hits in the kitchen now you know how to use them, you'll be cooking with gas. Rob says "they're simple to use, make you look good, make cooking simple and easy they give you a chef's edge"