Kids Eat Free

Reporter: Cassie Silver

From picky eaters to pricey meals - for parents it's what makes eating out feel like the last supper.

Mother of two, Sarah Campbell says it's not just food that's wasted, but money as well.

"When you do order a main meal for them it ends up being the same amount of food as an adult and they don't finish it becomes quite expensive"

To save cash and stress, tonight a tour of Perth's top places for kids to eat free.

At the Bentley Hotel, kids grub is for gratis every weekend. "We offer a wide range of meal options for the children we are a fun relaxed environment"

Manager Tara Richardson says for every paying adult, a child's meal is free.

All the favourites are served - fish and chips, burgers and nachos. "We cater for everybody if it's not on our menu and there's a dietary requirement. Because everything is made on site chef will make it up for someone who needs something a bit different "While that's cooking kids are happy in the craft corner. "What we offer is something that children don't do very often these days play dough, gluey craft colouring in, word sleuths card games, board games things we don't have a lot of time to do with our children today" Run by hotel staff little hands are kept happy while parents relax. "At the moment we have kids making Christmas decorations for our Christmas tree that they can put their name and date on it and come back in a few years' time so it gives a bit of history with the venue as well"

It's hungry business! "Once they've been over there and relaxed a bit and done some drawing and some craft that once their meal is ready they are happy to come over and sit down enjoy their meal"

Welcome to the Curry Tree in Nedlands. For mother Kellie Zappara it's about eating something exotic, without the expense. "Sometimes you like to be able to give them a little more than fish and chips as much as they love the chips and things if i can offer them or just give them something else it's a really nice experience"

It makes trying new food fun, if they don't like it, it hasn't cost a cent.

Owner, Simon McKenzie says kids eat free Monday and Tuesday nights. "So they can have the butter chicken, rice and a baby nann, lamb korma and baby nann"

Keeping these curry kids entertained is a cool play centre, with a big screen and arcade games. "After the kids meals are all done and dusted the adults can sit back watch their kids play and enjoy a meal and enjoy each other's company"

Here at Wagamama in Subiaco, kids eat free all day, every day. Assistant Manager Terry Gregory says it's all about creating an experience families love. From rice to noodles, chicken to salmon,

"The meal includes an apple juice and orange juice, and there's a dessert option to add on after, i think it's safe to say that you never see an unhappy kid walk out here"

Perth's Best Kids Eat Free Venue's are:

Bentley Hotel, Bentley

The Curry Tree, Nedlands

Wagamama, Subiaco

Blu Grill in Woodlands

Brooklands Tavern, Southern River

Left Bank, East Fremantle,

Mash Brewery, Swan Valley

Oscars and Sons, Two Rocks

Pancho's, Victoria Park

And Ramon's at Willow Pond in Cannington