Kickstart Reboot

Reporter: Laura Sparkes

Now its back...and Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Michelle Nazaroff has rebooted the diet for 2012...bigger...better...quicker:

There are two phases to the kickstart... Phase one...a 14 day...metabolism reset program...using soups...fresh vegetables...and some fruit... starchy carbs are cut right back...

"What weve done is included a Green Juice - a live green juice everyday and also included a live raw 'green' smoothie - the smoothies have the fibre intact and also have a raw element." Said Michelle

Phase two aimed at longer term weight loss: A recipe plan with low G.I foods. lean meats and fish... and low fat dairy.

"We're looking at increasing the plant based protein - so were not going to go straight back into high animal based eating plan, we're adding in lots of live plant based protein - fermented brown rice, sun warrior raw protein powder, high amounts of greens, Cale, Spinach they're great sources of protein which a lot of people don't realise..." Said Michelle

Best friends, Gloria Mansfield, Susie Sevander and Michelle Waixall have accepted the KICKSTART REBOOT CHALLENGE with open tuck shop arms...

"Being a busty mum its hard to work on the meals and the diet. Now its time for me to do it. For me and my children." Said Gloria

"I weight 122kg at the moment. I weighed myself this morning. No. I don't want to do that anymore." Said Michelle

"It's just not coming off. The scales haven't shown anything but Im hoping this diet really does something for it." Said Susie

It's their last indulgent meal at their local RSL - the KICKSTART SISTERS determined to beat the bulge.

"Were all there for each other and if we see one of each other flaling down the others wll be there to pull them back up." Said Gloria

The first phase of the diet is vegetable soup...

Chef Michael Lopez showed the girls how to make the perfect kickstart meal...

Nathan Maurice founder of OZ BOOT CAMP is advising the Kickstart sisters on the daily exercise they'll need to succeed...

"We've got the girls doing 30 minutes exercise a day, its just moderate impact all theyve got to do the walking ont the treadmill and basically that will give them enough movement to not overdo on the kickstart diet." Said Nathan

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