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Reporter: David Richardson

"I was about 126 centimetres and I'm down to about 100 now. I want to get down to, say 90 to kilos" says Greg.

It's been one of the country's most successful diets. Now Kickstart is back, the same fat fighting action plan, with all new recipes to take kilos off and keep them off.

"Have you tried other things Greg?"

"Yes. Over-exercised like a madman. I was training to be an athlete trying to keep the weight off which didn't really help."

Greg Wells has been a keen test subject for the development of Kickstart 2010. He's lost 32 kilos, coming down from 136 to 102, in just 14 weeks.

"With Kickstart it was all about balancing your proteins and your carbs and getting a good balance of everything."

When Doctor John Darcy first introduced Kickstart in 2003 on Today Tonight, he had no idea how popular the eating plan would be. Its two stage 28 day program concentrating on lean proteins like fish, lean meats and low G.I, but most importantly, low or no fat foods.

"There have been so many changes in the last three to four years we have incorporated the best of those into this new kick start diet. What are the do's of the diet well essentially what we are trying to do is reestablish the sort of eating pattern we had when we were evolving, breakfast is the key meal of the day."

"And for the don'ts I think the essential thing is to fall in love with your green grocer. The less processed food you eat the better you are going to be. Because the truth of the matter is we don't know what is in processed food."

There are two phases to the Kickstart. Phase one, a 14 day metabolism reset program using soups, fresh vegetables and some fruit. Carbs are cut right back.

"A lot of people do want quick weight loss. It will promote quick weight loss to start but let's face facts. We really need to look at the long term. We need to have a long term weight loss." thinks Geraldine.

And that's phase two. A recipe plan with low G.I foods. Lean meats and fish and low fat dairy.

"Not just carb counting but looking at the whole volume of food and incorporating lean protein with each meal. Feeling full and happy and in the long term you'll have a long lasting weight loss." say Dietician Geraldine Georgeou. She reprises her role, making sure the recipes are all healthy.

"How much can people expect to lose if they stick to the diet?"

"The long term average weight loss for around about a year will be 5 to 10%. So about half a kilo to a kilo a week."

The new recipes push poached eggs or omelettes for breakfast, or baked beans and a slice of toast, or a simple smoothie to start the day.

Lunch can be a lean chicken sandwich, falafel rolls or a smoked salmon wrap. While dinner offers roast vegetable pasta, chicken bakes, even garlic and chilli prawns.

"There are a million diets out there and a lot of them are fad, detoxy diets which can be a little dangerous. The thing about the Kickstart diet is it is holistic. It affects your whole lifestyle." Explains New Idea Magazine Lifestyle Editor Andrea Black. They launched Kickstart 2010 today, promising a one dress size reduction by Christmas.

"Breads not banned. Pancakes aren't banned. There's some beautiful recipes in there. It's all about eating a balanced diet and living a balanced lifestyle." says Andrea

"Once you become an adult and you proceed through adulthood, Kickstart is for you. Basically it is designed to help all sorts of people in great need." tells Doctor John Darcy

"If you're looking for a short term Kickstart, and a long term eating plan then Kickstart is for you."

The Kickstart Diet Book is out now with New Idea

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